OK, this seems really hard to me! Microsoft Flight Sim has a directory in it, where there are severla Dlls, that are called at startup and executed. It's possible to write a new Dll, and put it in that dir, and it will do what you want, to modify the FS. I don't know how. In another forum, the same question was put, and the answer was: "Add the following code to the normal Dll: void __stdcall module_init(void) { // add code to be executed during FS initialization } void __stdcall module_deinit(void) { // add code to be executed when FS shuts down } __declspec(dllexport) struct { struct { int fnID; PVOID fnptr; } t0; struct { int fnID; PVOID fnptr; } t1; } ImportTable = { {0x00000000, NULL}, {0x00000000, NULL} }; __declspec(dllexport) struct { int ModuleID; void (__stdcall *ModuleInit)(void); void (__stdcall *ModuleDeinit)(void); UINT Flags; UINT Priority; PVOID DialogTable; PVOID ptr; } Linkage = { 0x00000000, module_init, module_deinit, 0, 0, NULL, NULL }; How can I achieve the same result in Asm? What does __declspec(dllexport) struct {.... mean and how do I translate it in Asm? Many thanks! Kefren This message was edited by kefren, on 4/9/2001 5:51:48 AM
Posted on 2001-04-09 05:44:00 by kefren