If I was you I would move fast as possible. one yhing I have noticed is that comming to this site is slow, sometimes impossible. I am on a T1 conection and I find it hard. This makes me wonder how hard it must be for people on a 56k modem? I even wonder how many people have just stoped comming couse of this...???? So you are right about moving I would not even give it a second thought. you have something great going here, and the last thing you need is this type of service. And I would not change a thing about the site. I would like to see a section where people sould upload example codes in Zip format like a code section. there is no need for everyone to paste code snippets over and over again, when the same question has been answerd. this way people can say go to the code section, or what have you. and download such and such, It has what I think your asking for ect. otherwise, keep up the good work......
Posted on 2001-04-11 08:44:00 by Zcoder
i don't know what you people are talking about, but my 56K connects just fine to the site. However, if you people say it's slow, then by all means move out as soon as possible.
Posted on 2001-04-11 09:24:00 by Hel
The server responds to a ping, it would appear it is just the database queries that have a speed problem.:rolleyes:
Posted on 2001-04-11 10:16:00 by SFinegan
Having more room to grow is certainly a plus. I like the idea of hosting other ASM sites. File posting seems to be needed by everybody. By adding many options to the posting of messages, you move some of the maintenance to the poster. Where as other methods add to the administration work. Therefore, I recommend adding as many options as possible to the posting side of things. I'd like to write a pre-processor that links to code online. Then have a code repository that is updated by many people. CVS for windows assembly. DotNET is around the corner, and I like some of the ideas. I've found some good tools to work with XML, and I'm using it to solve some of the problems I've had with Windows assembly in general. All this is to say that we need to colaborate on another level to make assembly an easier language for large application development. Imagine us as ants in an ant hill. We have many ways of doing this right now: Cut-n-Paste code, LIB, DLL, and COM. I just would like a more distributed, web based method that doesn't require updating external code fragments manually. Also, I'd like to maintian the freedom that assembly language has always had. Everyone who has tried to create large programs in assembly know the problems that exist, and try to come back to that program a few years later. In time, with experience we develope coding sytles that solve some of these problems. (Or, we choose to ignore old code :)) ...I think I veered off topic :) Just couldn't stop typing. :P
Posted on 2001-04-11 11:22:00 by bitRAKE
Hiro, this MB is too great to be changed. By the way, it'll be fine to have a Project Schedule (or like)session in what people intregrate some project to do something and everybody will be able to discuss part of the projects, etc. (just idea... :)) I think that you can count with a help of everyone (me to :)) to anything. Good luck!
Posted on 2001-04-11 17:07:00 by wolfao
I think that if some people want cookies while others don't you should have one main cookie that determines whether or not to use them. If the person allows the main cookie to be set then cookies should be enabled. If the user either does not have the cookie set or sets it to "don't use cookies" then based on this decision the site will ask for info. put in manually. I agree with the other people: 1) Code Repository 2) Links DB 3) Tutorial Archive 4) Function Archive 5) Links to other sites This message was edited by BigBadBob, on 4/12/2001 6:07:01 PM
Posted on 2001-04-12 18:05:00 by BigBadBob
The problem with cookies becomes apparent if you tell IE to "Prompt before accepting cookies", setting located on the IE/Options/Advanced tab. Prior to adding this post there were 26 replies on this page, however I responded to 50+ "prompts" to accept a cookie, rather than 1 or 2 expected, just to see the page. The question is, why is more than one cookie per page required, especially since I already have a permanent cookie stored? This message was edited by SFinegan, on 4/12/2001 6:53:24 PM
Posted on 2001-04-12 18:29:00 by SFinegan
that's actually not my fault. It's ASP's and lots of other server side technologies cheapest (and thus favorite) way of keeping session variables for as long as the client's browser is active (or the session time hasn't passed) Cold Fusion uses 2 cookies for instance. I don't know how much ASP uses but it will be the same or more. The log-in via cookie system only places the cookie once and only looks for the cookie in the start page (index.asp: layout of all the forums)
Posted on 2001-04-12 18:34:00 by Hiroshimator
love this board. Hiro you done a great job here and I can't think of a thing I want changed or improved. Maybe I just too easy to please but all Ive learned is from Iczelion's tuts and from this board. Many thanks.
Posted on 2001-04-12 23:30:00 by czDrillard
FWIW Show Topics Last xx Days doesn't work with "All" forums. This may add overhead to the server while it computes how many page buttons to include. Suggestion: I would like to suggest that a Between option be offered to facilitate "walking" thru the database xx days at a time, without always returning all the more recent records. Display Topics Between 0 and 31 days Display Topics Between 30 and 61 days, etc in 30 day increments.
Posted on 2001-04-13 09:51:00 by SFinegan
for each codesnippet/file uploaded there could be a comments section just for that file/post, where people can give tips and bug reports. The posts could also be emailed to the author if he/her chooses it when submitting. file should be submitted under various heading such as Compression, Encryption, Plugins, Misc, Text manipulation, Networking, etc.. Under these there could be sub headings like Plugins - Winamp. if a sub heading does not exist the poster can create one, ofcourse moderators have to merge headings if there are too many useless ones like "Networking - IRC" and "Networking -IRC2" A special section could be created for masm32.lib where people can post code they want included in it. Then ppl can comment/debug and optimize it before it is included.
Posted on 2001-04-15 09:51:00 by Zynaps
One cool example for this code storage and comment thing is Planetsourcecode. I like this site even though it has no ASM part :( Maybe Hiro can do such a thing one day when he is not involved in a bigger project! Stefan
Posted on 2001-04-15 12:05:00 by Stefan Krause