Hey everyone,
Im just having all kinds of problems today :). So does anyone know what all the apis,etc... are inside the wininet.inc/.lib files? You can find this file inside the include folder in the masm32 folder(masm32/include). I think you can use this file to make alot of internet programs and thats what im setting my sights on. Any help is appreciated.
Posted on 2002-01-05 01:20:06 by resistance_is_futile
when im new to asm i found those xyz.inc files interresting ,too.
if i like to know more about a "setting" there i copy it and make:
1.a full search in my asm archiv by searching in all *.* the word "setting"...if i found no sample or something else...
2.i use this "setting" to search in google..like +"asm OR masm OR tasm" +"setting"
3.i post here the "setting" and most i found a reader who helps :-)
4.i forget it and try later times when i read more again on it

have a nice weekend
Posted on 2002-01-05 03:50:02 by Max
You are correct, wininet is full of internet related stuff. It is too much to give you a break-down of what is in in that dll, and even MSDN doesn't list everything in one place.

Check out this article for an overview of wininet, and check out this page for a comprehensive listing of the functions in wininet. Enjoy ;)
Posted on 2002-01-05 07:09:24 by sluggy
Wininet is great for making those small internet accesses.... just felt like sharing that :grin:
Posted on 2002-01-05 18:49:59 by Eagle17
One thing i never did get around to was working out how to authenticate to a proxy while using wininet. When there is a proxy in place, do you send directly to the proxy's port, or do you just prepare your headers as per normal and let Windoze handle everything for you? Bah, never went there. Are there any general rules, or is this covered in the networking section of the forum?
Posted on 2002-01-06 04:50:10 by sluggy
Instead of connecting to the server, connect to the proxy.. Look at my reply in this thread to see how.

Posted on 2002-01-06 05:12:01 by Thomas
Thanks for the reply Thomas. It is a lot simpler than i thought, i like the first option best, especially as you say that it will work whether you send the request through a proxy or direct to the host.
Posted on 2002-01-06 05:24:01 by sluggy