When I receive a number, for example, from the structure of GetSystemTime, it is in hex format. I want to load this number in a FPU register (fld) but the number needs to be in memory and in a real format. Summarizing, EAX point to a mem with a DWORD HEX value, how can I convert this number into REAL8 value? Thanks :rolleyes:
Posted on 2001-04-10 19:48:00 by wolfao
I think I can help you here, well i have no idea what a Real8 value is but i can help you w/ conversion here, ok lets start off converting a number from a base 10 (thats what we normaly use) to base 16 (hex). say we have a number like 91, ok the first thing we do is find the highest power of 16 that does not exceed our number, in this case the highest is 1; 16^0=1, 16^1=16, 16^2=256; so 1 is what we are going to use. 91/16= 5 remainder(rem from now on)=11 we now know our first number is 5, now we go back thing and find the highest power of our rem, which is 0 so where done, 11 in hex is be, so 91 is 5B in hex. kewl huh? Lets try that again, with a bigger number like 5469, ok? 16^0=1, 16^1=16, 16^2=256, 16^3=4096, 16^4=65536, so we will use 16^3. 5469/4096=1 rem=1373 now we use 16^2 for the remainder... 1373/256=5 rem=93 now we use 16^1 for the remainder... 93/16=5 rem=13 and now the rem is less then 16^1 which means its one of the first 16 hex numbers, allright!!! Remember that 13 becomes a 'd' so our hex number is: 155d Now why did I have you do that because it makes base 16 or any other base to another much easyer, and its a good math lesson!!! ok lets convert a hex number like 1dfc to base 10... here's the best way i have seen to do it: each place to the left of the decimal point is a power of 16 string at 16^0. our number has 4 places so....

16^3   16^2   16^1   16^0   ; 16 to the __ power
4096   256    16     1      ; equivelnt to 16 to the __ power
1      d      f      c      ; our hex numbers
1      13     15     12     ; our hex letters to digets
4096 + 3328 + 240  + 12 = 7676
see (4096 * 1) + (13 * 256) + (15 * 16) + (12 * 1) = 7676 in base 10, wasn't that fun??? for extra practice brake 7676 back down into hex. I really hope this helps, hell took me long enough to type :] -brad This message was edited by Rage9, on 4/10/2001 10:07:00 PM
Posted on 2001-04-10 22:03:00 by Rage9
fild does what you want It load in fpu a integer value (s)
Posted on 2001-04-11 04:08:00 by (scalp)
Thanks all!!! I used fild and worked!!! (How dummy I was... :rolleyes:)
Posted on 2001-04-13 20:01:00 by wolfao