Hi, I got an in c++ and just tryed to translate it to ASM. But my problem is this line: k += (local_1 ^ local_1[(j + data_2) % 15]) * data_3; The problem is not the array(someone helped me with that ;), the problem is the "^" thingie... anyone got an idea?
Posted on 2001-04-11 12:40:00 by Rogan
I love short answers but... the "^" means power. That i if you have 6^3 it is 6*6*6. And... the k += somthing means, that K = K + something. and the "%" means MOD, that is the remainder you have after a division.
Posted on 2001-04-11 21:41:00 by clerihew
That's true in some languages, but not in C/C++. In C, the "^" means XOR. In C++, operators can be overloaded, but by default, it has the same meaning as in C.
Posted on 2001-04-11 23:05:00 by tank
Actually, no. ^ is in fact the bitwise XOR. Power is done in C with the pow() function. =:D
Posted on 2001-04-11 23:17:00 by GogetaSSJ4