You can get it at What's New : - You can now use Tlb2Inc with the command line (Tlb2inc filename) - Added a context menu extension for dlls, exes, ocxs, tlbs - Add an option menu to register the shell extension, and to allow the user to choose to translate INTs as SDWORDs instead of SWORDs (by default they are translated as SWORDs) . I added that because in IDL INTs and UINTs are treated as INTs - Added 'ifndef filename' at the beginning of the generated include
Posted on 2001-04-11 14:07:00 by Amokila
Please re-up the zip file cuz the shell extension had a little problem with long path filenames Sorry for the inconvenience
Posted on 2001-04-11 17:56:00 by Amokila