how can we know that there is a new email from someone else in our mail box without open our email ? is it possible to do that through programming in win32asm ? sorry if at this moment all that can i do just asking in this forum because i still learning, i hope someday can help anybody in this forum as long as i can :-> all response will be appreciated
Posted on 2001-04-12 07:01:00 by newbies
What protocol are you using? If you have a pop3 mail box, you can write a small program that opens TCP port 110 on the server, issues the commands for logging in and getting the status, then notifying you if you have mail. It's pretty easy to do, and a good simple project for you to try, To get an idea of what to do try the following:- Use Telnet to connect to your mail server (you can get the details from your email program) but use port 110. it should give you a message say 'welcome to the ... mail server.... or something now type (note: you won't be able to see what you type) :- USER and it will reply saying :- +OK User name accepted, password please then type:- PASS it will say:- +OK Mailbox Open, messages Thats the line you need to interpret. it will be something like :- +OK Mailbox Open, 0 messages so you know thre is no mail waiting. Finally, you should be polite and exit properly, so type :- QUIT it will respond :- +OK BYE Then the connection will close. If you make a mistake then it will respond with:- -ERR But your program will be looking for 1 of 2 things:- +OK. <------ where . is a space this means all was ok with the command, or -ERR <------ which means something went wrong. thats it really, just a bit of string parsing, to find how many messages are waiitng, and you're there! Umbongo This message was edited by umbongo, on 4/12/2001 7:24:38 AM
Posted on 2001-04-12 07:23:00 by umbongo
hey Umbongo i am glad that you almost give a response for every question i send to this forum. I will try your suggestion later. But i still figure out if we can run a program that run in the background can monitor our mail box and then notice me if a new email coming. sorry if my idea is too stupid :-)
Posted on 2001-04-12 08:50:00 by newbies
So basically, you want a small program running under windows which will tell you when a new email arrives without having to have your email program running all the time? Umbongo
Posted on 2001-04-12 09:46:00 by umbongo
I just wrote a POP3 SpamKiller back home... With a few modifications (ie: inserting a timer & adding a sound if mail arrives) it's ready for use... I didn't give the source out yet as I thought about cleaning up the source before... but I really don't feel like doing that right now :( Wanna have a look at it? This message was edited by JimmyClif, on 4/12/2001 10:07:04 AM
Posted on 2001-04-12 10:05:00 by JimmyClif
Hey Jimmy, I would like to see your code, if possible. :)
Posted on 2001-04-12 11:24:00 by wolfao
oh yes absolutely correct umbongo :-> hey Jimmy your code sounds interesting too, do you want to share your code :-> ?
Posted on 2001-04-13 23:12:00 by newbies
Sure, I mailed Icz if I could add it to his database :D I send you the source tho :) Actually, I'm working on a Mail Client... where I try to keep the code cleaner..
Posted on 2001-04-14 05:50:00 by JimmyClif
hey Jim thank's alot for your files :-> i hope i can learn much from your code. By the way i am shame too just asking code from anyone else without trying first but i guess this is more effective for me to learn win32asm through example or my opinion is wrong ?
Posted on 2001-04-15 22:32:00 by newbies