Hey smurf, about that program i sent you, i'm done now with most off the stuff, and wonder if you may be could chekc it out and help me to get some major errors out of it Just drop me a msg here and i send it to you. Thanks Typhoon
Posted on 2001-04-12 18:38:00 by Typhoon
sorry i didnt reply to your email. i use windows 2000 and your program doesnt seem to work on it.. just kinda freezes up. havent had much time really to look at it.. school started up and have a job too. send me your latest code and maybe i can help find some bugs for you. smurf@gci.net smurf
Posted on 2001-04-13 04:08:00 by smurf
Go to http://www.win32asmcoderz.cjb.net und downloads may be check the AutoLoad.asm code too, the infinite loop in it takes to much resources Thanks, Typhoon
Posted on 2001-04-13 04:39:00 by Typhoon
hey smurf, never mind about that loop, i just got it figured out. It took too much resources because i loaded the bmp from a file every cycle, now i fixed it. I just couldn't see that last night anymore i guess (too tired) Ok, cya Typhoon
Posted on 2001-04-13 20:43:00 by Typhoon