I need a mouse-over button example (i want the button image to change when the mouse is over) all the examples I found were using msimg32.dll wich isn't in Windows 95..and it's not legal to publish my applications with that dll included.
Posted on 2001-04-12 20:01:00 by Shaolinwu
I got a couple of demos with source on my site: here they called 'Prime.zip and Mouse_over.zip on downloads page. There's no inc file or bmp's or rc files in the zip cuz I wanted to keep the size down but if you need them I will be happy to mail them to you.
Posted on 2001-04-12 23:19:00 by czDrillard
great site..that example was just what i needed..pls man,can u send me the .inc file too? thanks
Posted on 2001-04-13 05:07:00 by Shaolinwu