Hello all! I think many of you know me already (more or less) and therefore those know that I am usually doing my programs alone or only with little help of others (because I want to learn by doing, not because I don't want your help!!!). Now I have a small issue which is (I think so from here) not very complicated but needs some time to do. I have set up a network at home some time ago and now I installed JANA (a Proxy for the LAN, so every client can reach Internet) and everything works fine. The only thing is that I want the client to disconnect from proxy when finished and closing browser (IE5.5) and therefore one has to enter http://XXX.XXX.X.X/logout as an URL where those X's represent my IP in the network because I am the gateway. With the knowledge/experience that my family is too lazy to enter this everytime they are finish with going online I want to create a small program that is running in the tray and checks for the event when the last instance of Internet Explorer is closed. Then it should send the LOGOUT message to the Proxy. Until now, I think it is very easy to follow and the objective is clear before us. And exactly here my problem comes up: TIME!! I am student shortly before ABITUR (in Germany the last degree you ever get in school and afterwards you leave school ready for Universaty or job) and therefore I have to learn very hard now. So I thought that maybe there is someone out there who is willing (and has some time) to do the main part (the detection of IE running and the watching for the last instance closing) for me. I can do the rest alone (the TrayIcon thing and the layout) but I need someone who does the somewhat harder part for me. If there is someone doing this for me I will try to help this person with something as well (if I can). Stefan
Posted on 2001-04-13 16:41:00 by Stefan Krause
I've got lots of time, I can give it a shot.
Posted on 2001-04-13 21:31:00 by Soul~Drudge
I bill out my programming time as full engineering hours. Those are $125 a piece. How much help do you want? ;-)
Posted on 2001-04-14 00:11:00 by Ernie
Wouldn't it be easier to reverse Internet Explorer? I mean.. I didn't have a go yet, but here are my thoughts: When IE sends it WM_CLOSE we could make it jump to a new piece of code where we open up a little tool which opens the Internet explorer with the needed URL (using shellexecute). To minimize the chances of an endless loop, it would be best to keep that program alive for 2 mins(timer)... and to make sure that there is only one instance of that program allowded(Findwindow - if TRUE - close)!
Posted on 2001-04-14 05:45:00 by JimmyClif
Nah, reversing MSIE would be a pain, and it breaks every time MS releases a new version. Just periodically check the top windows to see if any are a MSIE window. If not so, close the connection.
Posted on 2001-04-14 07:04:00 by Ernie
I bill out my programming time as full engineering hours. Those are $125 a piece. How much help do you want? ;-)
Psst Ernie, what about I start helping you and each of us gets $62.5 ;) Think about it. Such offers don't reach you every day :D Stefan This message was edited by Stefan Krause, on 4/14/2001 9:58:02 AM
Posted on 2001-04-14 09:56:00 by Stefan Krause
First get the IE SDK, and header files. Then write a small shell that wraps IE, and make your family use your shell - they wont even know the difference. You might be able to get away with writing an IE pluggin? When I was a teenager, I didn't realize that I had a skill that I chould charge people for; and I did some rather difficult programming just because it's what I love doing. I'm still trying to remember that I have to eat - I just don't think that way. :P This message was edited by bitrake, on 4/14/2001 5:53:42 PM
Posted on 2001-04-14 17:49:00 by bitRAKE