Here is a little sample I whipped up because I was unable to find any info on Netware Client32 programming with asm. This is a crude port from a C example in the Netware SDK. You gotta have Client32 installed or else the example will give .dll not found errors. The "Microsoft client for Netware networks" won't work. Enjoy. Does anyone else know about sources for info on Netware programming (server or client) in asm? This was originally posted in MAIN. Sorry!
Posted on 2002-01-05 08:34:44 by rdaneel
I haven't seen any asm source or info in novell's dev site, but the apis are well explained in the c section. Anyhow, your program is inspiring to me, as I wanted to do some novell coding in asm, but I didn't put the time to do so. Your sample gave me back some interest in the subject, and perhaps I'll find some info somewhere or even write some...
Posted on 2002-01-17 11:37:04 by Silas