How can I build .com file with MASM ? I just want MASM to take my source file and translate it to binary opcodes. How can I do that ?
Posted on 2001-04-15 08:12:00 by karim
I use this batch file to build DOS .COM files. It's always worked for me. You also have to download a old version of link.exe from Iczilions site (in the downloads section) to link com files, and put it in your \Masm32\Bin\ folder under the name doslink.exe, in order to use it with this .bat file. doscom.bat

@echo off

if exist %1.obj del %1.obj
if exist %1.exe del %1.exe

\masm32\bin\ml /AT /Zm /c %1.asm
if errorlevel 1 goto errasm

\masm32\bin\DosLink /TINY /DOSSEG %1.obj
if errorlevel 1 goto errlink
dir %1.*
goto TheEnd

echo _
echo Link error
goto TheEnd

echo _
echo Assembly Error
goto TheEnd


Posted on 2001-04-15 09:05:00 by Qweerdy
Thanks !
Posted on 2001-04-15 11:11:00 by karim