Hey, does someone know a few good tutorials about networking ? like connecting to server, reading server replies, answering server, stuff like that in masm32 ? Thanks, Typhoon
Posted on 2001-04-16 00:16:00 by Typhoon
Iczelion has a really good winsock tutorial on his site.....there is also a Networking board here. Good luck, *unknown*
Posted on 2001-04-16 00:53:00 by *unknown*
Hi, I've not a tutorial but I wrote a chat program which uses the TCP/IP protocole. You can download it here: My site There is a few explaination on the site. It is a 'in live' chat:when you enter a letter, the other PC receive the all text.
Posted on 2001-04-16 05:03:00 by Vom-bonjour:-()
Typhoon, Arthur Dumas has written the book "Programming WinSock" (ISBN 0-672-30594-1). The samples are in C and explained very well. hth vesa
Posted on 2001-04-17 01:46:00 by vesa
Try this (in C), http://www.cyberport.com/~tangent/programming/winsock/ so long Test
Posted on 2001-04-17 04:17:00 by Test Department