One thing struck my mind the other day... this site is a great source for us newbies still having problems with our basic ASM programming, but since I (among many others?) still have an old 56kb modem, it would be great if the whole forum could be downloaded for offline browsing, like a big ASM-helpfile? Is this possible? /tcore
Posted on 2001-04-16 10:00:00 by tcore
Did you even search for offline? Or check the topics for the last few days?
Posted on 2001-04-16 10:49:00 by SFinegan
Ohh...I didn't see that! Thx! /tcore
Posted on 2001-04-16 12:29:00 by tcore
Hiro, Would it be possible to place a link on the generated pages so people can download the offline if they choose without having to dig through all the messages? Just a thought... _SHawn
Posted on 2001-04-16 16:05:00 by _Shawn
I just came back online after a 3 day net-outage and I'm gearing my free time towards the new site (I loose less money that way :) ) The offline browser needs to be redefined anyway. The new site will try to make it all tighter integrated. I'll try to present a full plan tomorrow (if my time permits ;) )
Posted on 2001-04-16 16:33:00 by Hiroshimator