Yes im having trouble with the SEH handler. i do as follows: push offset Handler Push fs:[0] mov fs:[0],esp then right after, this snippet for testing purposes i: xor eax,eax mov ,eax to cause a error but when i run,he program crashes anyway. also in Windows ME when a program crashes theres no Detail buton, anyone know how to getthe detials of a Win ME crash? Handler: mov esp, cmp ebp,0 je Terminater push 0 Call ExitProcess any of you see anything wrong with my handler?thanks for help is appreciated
Posted on 2001-04-17 10:56:00 by W32_Guy
I don't know if there something wrong with your code cuz I'm just learning about SEH myself but if you don't already have this you can find out all you need with tutorial and demo at Jeremy Gordons home page here download '' Hope this helps. best regards, czDrillard
Posted on 2001-04-17 13:37:00 by czDrillard
i hat eto say this, but could it be the "mov esp," bit
Posted on 2001-04-17 18:23:00 by X
no it isnt the mov esp, you have to do that, to adjust the stack.
Posted on 2001-04-17 18:50:00 by W32_Guy