Hi I need to check whether mouse is staying over tray icon of my prog long enough, for example, during 1 second. I. e. if user touchs tray icon with mouse accidently and moves mouse away quickly - my program does not do anything. But if user put mouse on tray icon and keep it there during 1 second, my prog does some operations. The problem is that: tray icon sends message on mouse_move, but i don't know wnen mouse goes away. What can i do with it?
Posted on 2001-04-18 14:21:00 by vit
hi i dont know if this will help you but here are some api maybe you didnt think of for your situation. TrackMouseEvent WM_MOUSEHOVER <----message of TrackMouseEvent SystemParametersInfo SPI_GETMOUSEHOVERTIME <----message of SystemParametersInfo smurf
Posted on 2001-04-18 15:16:00 by smurf