Hi, how do you set a description to a toolbar button that appears in a delay when the mouse is over that button? Something like when you put your mouse over the toolbar button refresh in MSIE, a text would popup: "Refresh" I would appreciate any help :) - clip
Posted on 2001-04-20 12:24:00 by clip
create your toolbar using CreateToolbarEx api. for the styles parameter add TBSTYLE_TOOLTIPS. to set the tooltips up in your winproc ... will look something like this .ELSEIF wMsg==WM_NOTIFY mov ebx, .IF dword ptr == TTN_NEEDTEXT mov eax,dword ptr .IF eax==TB_OPEN mov dword ptr , offset szTipOpen .ELSEIF eax==TB_SAVE mov dword ptr , offset szTipSave .ELSEIF eax==TB_EXIT mov dword ptr , offset szTipExit .ENDIF .ENDIF will look somewhat like above. just to help you get started. any questions just ask away. i have some spare time on my hands. smurf
Posted on 2001-04-20 22:16:00 by smurf
i was figuring out a way to get my hands on the TOOLTIPTEXT structure that was passed with WM_NOTIFY when i do a mouse over on a toolbar button and I never realized that you can access it via a register ! Looks like i still need to familiarize myself with win32asm. nice work smurf and thanks for the help! - clip This message was edited by clip, on 4/21/2001 12:03:31 AM
Posted on 2001-04-20 23:58:00 by clip
all this trouble when iczelion has a tut for it! damn :|, oh well...
Posted on 2001-04-21 00:20:00 by clip