Hi Hiroshimator,

I did not read your rules, but how many people in this forum read it? I see your forum against Microsoft, so I think your works is not good. You are good in win32asm but you aren't one of best person. You build this forum to help some people to hack windows OS, so I don't know your work is good or bad?

My poor coutry, my income is too low, about 50$/month. It's price is 110$. So how could I buy some books. I could find it in internet only. So if you want me saying something another, not about my question, so I say: "you should remove my account in your member list". Your site is one of the best sites for someone, but not me from now!!! Thank you very much!

bye bye forever!
what my poor english!
Posted on 2002-01-05 20:37:52 by anonymous
I assume you are Bung, since I deleted 2 request for books and closed the third while warning you.

Now listen up Bung, this is not a forum against Microsoft, this is not a forum that promotes piracy or cracking and this has nothing to do with me or my 'capabilities'.

Bottomline: I am the responsible person here, they'll knock down my door if I allow certain request and their logical answers and I don't want that. There are other fora and resources that will cather to such needs, I'm not going to discuss that any further.

I'm sorry you don't make more money, but that's neither my fault nor a reason for me to allow aforementioned request. Hell, my account is in the red at this moment, I can't afford any books either right now but I still won't go launching request for copyrighted material on a forum that asks me not to. Grow some common sense is all I can say to that.
Posted on 2002-01-05 21:19:53 by Hiroshimator
I just don't understand some people's love for a specific book. There is so much FREE information on the web today that it puts any particular "book" to shame, no matter the topic.

There are very few secrets in this business... :)
Posted on 2002-01-06 03:03:57 by S/390

I think you have missed what this forum is, it is primarily an assembler forum for people who primarily write in Microsoft Assembler (MASM) so the forum is not anti-Microsoft.

In most western countries there are big penalties now for publishing illegal material and Hiroshimator is the one who will get into trouble if any illegal material is traced back to him or the forum, that is why there are rules here on what is acceptable content and what is not.

S/390 is correct that you can find information on almost anything on the Internet if you bother to look for it and it does not cost you any more than the bandwidth.

If you do not come back, that is your business but if you are going to remain a member here you must work within the rules as everyone else does.


Posted on 2002-01-06 03:33:54 by hutch--
This guy has to realise that a lot of us are not rich, if we were we would hire people to answer our questions, not get together in a forum to share knowledge.

As for requesting books, has he not worked out that all he has to do is ask questions here? Collectively we have pretty much all the answers he will ever need. While he has internet access, he has the world at his fingertips, everything is available if he just knows how and where to look. I personally only own about half a dozen books, and they are mostly general purpose reference books, when i want detailed information i go online and look for it.

And moaning about people or their policies in an anonymous way is not very honorable, register like everyone else so we know who you are or where you come from ;)
Posted on 2002-01-06 04:59:18 by sluggy
Is it just me, but someone apparently so poor, can afford a computer and internet access? But can't afford a book?

I doubt the validity of anything he spoke of
Posted on 2002-01-06 11:02:06 by Rockinronstar
As a result of reading the thread 'To Hiroshimator' yesterday and the one requesting information on what is/is not a supercomputer a couple of days ago I have finally realised (only 6 weeks on, stroke makes me slow to see the bleeding obvious) that many of the requests for info that this board receives are just typical newbie questions that could be much better answered by typing a couple of keywords into Google. For instance I just typed in 'supercomputer' and got 296,000 hits. Sould keep the poor boy busy for a couple of minutes reading that many pages.
What I suggest is that moderators, to cut down on their RSI, gently steer the obviously newbie questions, those having no relation at all to ASM, APIs, IDEs, etc, in the direction of more suitable and comprehensive answers, or a search engine to find them. The response to the 'cut and paste asm code for a newsreader' that he go read some RFCs was a good one, I think. I say 'gently' because we were all newbies once, some of us more recently than others, and if we're too abrupt then they may someday come back to hack us.
As for the rules, perhaps I'd better go and read them myself. A link anyone?
Posted on 2002-01-06 14:20:35 by peterverstappen

It's the Forum titled 'Rules' :grin:
Posted on 2002-01-06 17:28:34 by bitRAKE
I also want to say. :) Hiroshimator is absolutely right. It is his forum and it will be his door which will be knocked by 'grey brothers'. So, if he will not want to have troubles, he have to take actions against such request and moaning will not helpful here.

anonimous, I understand you. I also live in country where software and ebook piracy is welcomed by common users, because of low average income. But you have understand that different places have different rules. And there are specialized forums where you can get all links you want. We all have to play by some rules, if not by law. For example, I have site about Win32 Assembly in Russian, which is rather popular. Some of visitor want me to place vircoding stuff. Personally, I'm not against this, but I'm sure that my hoster will not be happy. So I have to think what I can place and what can't. And if can which disclaimer I have to write (btw, to hutch: I am not vircoder, so don't kill me, plz :) ). And you also have to play by rules, if you want to get something. Just understand that this forum is not for such requests. This forum devoted to assembly coding.

Rockironstar, it seems you are living not in real life, but in London, Canada :). I don't don't think it is impossible for somebody with 50/month to afford a computer. May be his parents helped him? And, I hope, you don't think that P4 is only computer? It's possible to get a weak one for 50-200$, depending on country, city and final possibilities of this computer. I don't think that 486 will cost a lot. And I suppose, it is possible that he have a computer at his work. And a lot of people use internet access at the same place.
Posted on 2002-01-07 14:29:42 by Aquila