Hey, This question/comment is directed mainly toward Iczelion, BogdanOntanu, Ernie, hutch--, Hiroshimator, and the rest of you all-knowning people. How old are you, how long have you been programming, what nationality are you, and do you program for a living??? I know I speak for many others when I say thanx, and express my gratitude for everything you guys do for the ASM community! Best Wishes, *unknown*
Posted on 2001-04-22 22:57:00 by *unknown*
23 (24, 2nd of may :) ) started programming age of 11 basic and assembler on the comodore 64. I have always been employed as a programmer (of some sort ;)) right now I'm a web-developper as they call it :D basically server side scripting, Oracle, some VB... whatever the situation may need. It's work with a lot of variation and I like it a lot -H-
Posted on 2001-04-23 01:49:00 by Hiroshimator
Thats pretty well exactly how i started out... but i got side tracked with electronics etc. I've since grown a bit board of my disipline and my assembly roots eventually pulled me back into the land of oz.. :) PS: I dont pretend im a 'guru', im just surprised at the C=64 coincidence... hmm wonder how many other users here started on the C=64 or equiv..? NaN
Posted on 2001-04-23 02:14:00 by NaN
hmmmm, I am a genuine antique, born before the middle of the 20th century. Started on computers on z80 machines about 1980, gave it a 10 year rest while running my own engineering business and started back in about 1990. Jumped in at the deep end with MASM, BASIC and C at the same time as well as the original 16 bit SDK for Windows. Earned my living programming as freelance until middle 90s, took a couple of years rest and came back to write 32 bit flat memory model code. Still do a little commercial work but I am getting old and lazy and will not write what I don't like any longer. Investment market is more reliable at the moment that software. Side project is MASM32 to ensure assembler is passed on to the next generation. Generic title is now "cranky old b**st**d", extoll the virtues of programming on pure malt and I expect that the next generation of assembler language programmer will rule the planet in terms of software and I HATE my expectations being unfulfilled !!!! Regards, hutch@pbq.com.au PS: I live in beautiful sunny downtown Sydney Australia.
Posted on 2001-04-23 02:48:00 by hutch--
Well, I'm not a guru here, but I've been programming since 1968. Took an "adult school" class in Fortran while still in high school. Worked on the school's IBM 1130 in my sr. year. Also landed a second shift job that year as an IBM 360/30 mainframe operator. First paying programming job in 1969 when I graduated, after teaching myself Cobol (with a little help from the guys at work). Mainframe assembly wasn't far behind. I've programmed in more languages than I can count. A few that most people have never heard of. Asm has always been my favorite, mainframe or micro. Spent several years doing 6502 asm in the days of the Apple II and Atari 800. Been doing x86 asm since the 8088, but almost all DOS. Kinda new to doing it with Win, but I'm gettin' there... :) PS - I'm from NJ, USA. This message was edited by S/390, on 4/23/2001 3:12:18 AM
Posted on 2001-04-23 03:09:00 by S/390
well im far from all knowing and pretty much a newbie at programming but since theres alot of regulars here i thought i would introduce myself too. im 27 and live in anchorage alaska. been in alaska most of my life and dont intend to leave this beautiful place anytime soon. my first introduction to computers came when my parents bought us a comodore 128. i didnt do anything productive on it except play games day after day... that lasted about a 2 years. out of those 2 years i can say i beat bards tale 3 without any help from anything and beat most of the d&d games that was out at that time such as champions of kryn. then i gave up computers i was about 13 at that time. finally got my first ibm/pc compatable computer about 4 years ago bout when i was 23 and have lived on it since. spent about 3 years playing games(dark forces II & everquest)<-- had to quit that game it was ruining my life.. and now about 1 year learning all about computers. ive taught myself a tiny bit of visual basic and c++ but im a perfectionist so i moved on to assembly programming what i had read to be the most powerful programming language and now ive come to believe. asm is very fun to learn and cant keep myself away from it since i introduced myself to it. this has been exciting times for me learning asm. i still a newbie but enjoy tring to help and solve problems for others and myself. questions that people ask here i take as a challenge to find out if i can figure it out for myself it just a way of me learning and helping at the same time. i would like to thank all the old timers who have made this message board possible and most importantly thank you for paving the way for all of us to program in windows assembly language. smurf
Posted on 2001-04-23 04:00:00 by smurf
Why do you ask for all-knowing-people :) so I feel very small... I am 27 and startet my assembly way mainly with a VC20 from Commodore, which was some models before the C64. I also did some asm things with a KC85 (former GDR omputer, with a U880 CPU, in the western world known as Z80). Later I programmed many things on the Commodore Amiga, and I was part of the "BitBusterCrew" (has anybody seen our (one and only) Megademo "Anathema"?). Now I do freelance work and still use Assembler, hope till the end of my days :D. The software of my company is done 100% pure Assembler - if you are interested, take a look under www.xcomposer.de beaster.
Posted on 2001-04-23 04:38:00 by beaster
Well, When S/390 took his first paying job I was born, so It's nice to know I can call someone else here a fossil :) I got a zx81 when I was umm, about 14 I think, I'm not sure, as I lost a couple of years playing with that and the Sinlair Spectrum I got after that (I still have the z80 programming book I bought for it) I left school at 16 and had no qualifications living in a bleak town in North Wales. On the up side of that I managed to get a job working as a computer operator on VAX/VMS system. Over the next 2 years worked on alot of strange paper-taped systems, and even something with 'barrel memory'. People are often suprised how long I have been in computing as they expect you do have been to university so I have at least 5 years more experience that others my age, I would however not take the route I did, I was very lucky. I left that after 2 years and moved to Bristol (look at london and move about 150 miles west). Where I was also working as a computer operator, then shift-leader, then technical support, then system programmer, where I learnt C++, C, and VAX MACRO (MASM for mainframes). After that I worked for a friend, writing Windows 16bit apps, which was my first exposure to Windows programming, I've not left it yet, and I know just about all there is to know about 'classic' windows programming - COM DCOM OLE etc, I know, but I'm no expert. I also use UNIX but I hate it. Hence you normally see me answering Windows programming questions, rather that raw assembler questions. I went freelance 1 year after, and have been ever since (9 years now), I've worked in most types of company, I'm currently at Lucent Technologies, writing Windows NT device drivers. Hobbies? I'm writing an Anagram Generator in assembler, as a learning experience for myself, when the project section gets going I'll put it in there, for all to see. I also have a quadruped robot powered by 12 servos and a 8052 microcontroller, so I'm learning assembler for that now too! The life and times of umbongo.... This message was edited by umbongo, on 4/23/2001 4:48:31 AM
Posted on 2001-04-23 04:45:00 by umbongo
........it's nice to see such a varity of people here; from the youth like me to the dinosaurs like Hutch-- (j/k ;-). I didn't expect so many replies :-) *unknown* .....what 'bout Iczelion???
Posted on 2001-04-23 11:48:00 by *unknown*
Smurf, BARDS TALE 3 KICKED A**!!!!, It has to be my single most favourite D&D game i have ever played, the graphics can no way compare to todays technology, but the storyline was brilliant :) Umbongo, If you dont mind, i would like to 'pick your brain' in the near future about simiular work. I got a degree in hardware controller design (discrete/analog PID's etc), and have been striving to figure out how to get WIN32 to work with external hardware... mainly Hardware Interupts is my stumping point, but then again, i havent gained adequate experience with Drivers yet..... NaN
Posted on 2001-04-23 12:05:00 by NaN
Wow, could there be some relation to Bards Tale 3 Thief of Fate and assembly language programmers? :P I too played BT3TOF, and have it somewhere for the PC! My brother also managed to get BT 1 & 2 too! Well, I am a 22 yearold (1 year doing assembly), I got into computing because of my (parents) BBC micro model B, and elite (which incidentally I have the source code for (in assembly :P ), which apparently used 30.5k of the 31k of memory the BBC had!). Well enough of the stroll down memory lane... Mirno
Posted on 2001-04-23 12:53:00 by Mirno
you know when your life seems/is horrible, then you should talk to someone about it. It usually helps you in seeing things clearer. Take care. Harold
Posted on 2001-04-23 15:36:00 by Hiroshimator
Hmm, I must say I think this thread is a great idea. This is the only forum out there that has a real community feel to it and it makes sense that we hould introduce ourselves, no point just talking to faceless names is there. So I suppose I should introduct myself. My names Eóin O'Callaghan, I'm 18 years old and from Ireland. Needless I don't have a long history in programming to describe but I started probably when I was 13 or 14. Initially I programmed in QBASIC, eventually I ran out of ascii art games that intrested me there so I moved up to VB. Again I set about writing games and it was here that I developed my love of maths in programming. About two years ago I got fed up with slow drawing commands in VB and was about to start C when I discovered DirectX. But once again VBs slowness got to me and I decided to learn VC++. Sadly I bought the wrong book, it was more busniess oreintated and I got off to a bad start. Then by chance I found Steve Gibsons site, learned that I could program in Assembly and knew it was the way I wanted to go. I found Izcelions and AoA and it was incredable. So that was up to last summer, I actually didn't really get into ASM though until January this year as I had a project to finish in VB. So theres my programming life story, hopefuly this is just the start.
Posted on 2001-04-23 17:48:00 by Zadkiel
it wouls appear that there are alot of people here that know other languages. and thats cool. As for me I admit that I can't even program in Basic,I have really tried. I have a problem with programming in other languages, I always start out saying to myself I will learn this if it is the last thing I do but I always feel like I am programming so far away from the computers language that I feel like I am trying to pick up rocks with 10 foot pools. I started programming many, many Eons ago. At the time I started, you could not buy a computer cuz, they were to costly. so I set out to build me one. I mailed for most of the chips started with the famous Z80 got some eproms and a few TTL's and a PPI and wire wraped me a computer, then I had to build a very cheap and crude eprom programmer, and poke bytes into it. that is how I started. the strangest thing when I think about it now is that back in 1983 I build a computer that could talk. build around a chip that radio shack put out. back then that was unheard of from an average person as I was. then in 1985 I made wrote a windows program that ran in MS_DOS it was not like we think of windows today, it used 3D windows like in windows today, but was not a multi proccess enviroment. still it was my atempt to make the computer more usefull to others. then windows came out I found it was taking people by storm, more and more computers were now being sold to many people. and there was just little info on this new OS, I then started to see that ASM in DOS was over, slowly dieing, I tried like I said to learn other languages so by the time win95 came out I gave up the programming and started to learn to make PC for people and upgrade theres ect. also to help them learn more about computers. then I ran into hucth's site and started to learn that I could program in windows I have started programming again. This is why I always give credit to Hutch and Iczelion,they showed that windows programming in not hard to do in ASM, the only hard part about it is finding the right API, I find that MS is not very clear on there API's and that most of the info is in C++ but I have gained alot from looking close at the C++ and translate it to ASM. I still could not program in C++, but I can understand it. and as far as my age, I am over the hill, a dinasor, I also own a few dinasors, like a S-100 running Turbodos, and Altair also have old models of PC from 8086,80286,80386,80486, and after.
Posted on 2001-04-23 19:49:00 by Zcoder
Hi, I would like to add my name to the list of users who showed something about their programming history. I don't have to tell you my real name as it already is shown on the left side :D I started programming at the age of 10. There I got my first computer (Atari ST 1040) and I had STBasic on it. With this machine I had my first experience with Basic. Besides this I had programming courses in school (Informatik) and there we learned LOGO (bah!) and QBasic. With the argument that I need a computer to get better marks in those courses (I had a 1, think that means A, the best marks!!) :) so I managed that they allowed me to buy a PC with 14 (I still use this PC!!). With the time I quitted QBasic as I wanted to do something new and I came to Turbo Pascal 7.0 and some great tuts by Glen Grotzinger. This lasted for some time until I decided to choose a language which I can make Win32 Apps with. I looked at Delphi because a friend had this (it is the more developed version of Turbo Pascal) but I didn't like the Drag and drop to create your OS ;) I had a short look at VB and this was the same as with Delphi. So now I am here for about a year or so and I really enjoy programming with Win32asm. At the beginning I just sat there watching at posts on the BESEEN Board and thought "How the hell is this supposed to work? I don't understand any word!" But now I am able to answer even some advanced questions because I tackled such a thing already. :rolleyes: Now I am 18 (become 19 on June 7th, 2001) and I am out of school in the near future. In the next two weeks I have 3 of my 4 exams, then there is some space and then my fourth "exam" takes place. This exam is in Sports (Basketball) and luckily I am the last generation in our state that is allowed to take sports as a subject for my ABITUR (look it up, if you don't know it ;) ). After having done my last exam there again is some space, then our Party with all those who got the ABITUR and with the parents. Then I am going to the Navy for 10 Months (it is partly because I want it, partly because the law wants it/me) and afterwards I want to take a look around in a software firma in Munich. Hope this is enough for now. Stefan
Posted on 2001-04-24 11:45:00 by Stefan Krause
I liked this thread, very much. It's cool to know a little about that people that we think be like us but we have doubt about this. I'm 24 years old and I use computers since 10. I played a lot of games in the past (until today, until the death) I know how to program in a lot of languages. Assembly is the best. I was using a lot of C++ because the assembly DOS programs was not pleasing the users. One day I found Iczelion site (don't remember how/when) and 'my life' changed!!! I drop C++ into trash!!! and started to do programs for Windows with WIN32ASM!!! WOW, that's great! I coded (finished yesterday) a program to calculate stress in a profile of soil and to draw relative graphics ALL in ASM, it's just 26kb!!! and speedy. (If someone have interests in it, I can send happily). I really would like to participate in a BIG ASSEMBLY PROJECT (with any objectives) and to teach others peoples. For now, I'm Master Degree in Geotechnical Civil Engineering. I'll move to Canada in the future. I'm disposed to help anybody of this ASMCOMMUNITY (my brothers?) Regards. ;)
The world is of particles that we consider as solid masses with a discrete spatial disposal to we study as it was a continum medium using finite elements techniques.(from me)
Posted on 2001-04-24 13:55:00 by wolfao
Hey, i started when i was about 10, in QBASIC, didn't understand much, but still could make things work, then i found this basic similer launge compiler which wrote asm source files, and from that a real old dos book learn the basics of assmbly, still didn't understand much and my basic goal at that time was to write a windows program. Then I found Hutches site, and downloaded masm32, and quickly figured that i could make a my own windows, which was pretty excited, except I still didn't understand much, and from that over about that last year. I am now 16, have picked up all that i know from Iczelions tutorials, and variuos documents/examples on the web. Hopefuly i understand a bit more now. I did try to learn C++ a couple of years back, but it was a bit beyond me, and couldn't quite grasp the concepts by meself, so i will have to admit i only know assembly laugauge.
Posted on 2001-04-24 23:18:00 by George
I'm only slightly younger than S/390. I started with Fortran; the last major project was a message coder that coded pairs of characters. (Or, as my book of secret codes called it, digraphic substitution.) In college, I experimented with a lot of different coding styles in PL/I, including the then emerging "structured programming". On graduation, rather than going to a mainframe environment, I chose to work in the new microprocessor environments. I'm currently being paid for programming a little VC, a little VB, and assembly language programming on two processors (PIC and 8051). It's a living. My favorite computer subjects are compilers and programming languages. So I go back to the days when "computers" meant IBM, not Microsoft. I, and many others, developed the same kind of love/hate relationship with IBM that many now have for Microsoft, and for the same reasons: dominance interpreted as monopoly, stories about rough business tactics, perceptions of the poor quality of its OS. (I don't need to bash MS, I've already bashed IBM.:D) -- From deep in the heart of Microsoft country
Posted on 2001-04-25 00:17:00 by tank
Hi, just forget to name some things:
  • I am that crazy about programming, that I already got my brother (he was about 10, now he is 13) on starting QBasic. He just sat next to me when I was programming and one day he called me into his room and presented me with his first steps in QBasic (just by looking over my shoulder) and - I still cannot believe it - last week my sister (12!!) asked me to give her QBasic because she wanted to program a bit. I did not intentionally (?) make them to start with programming, they just saw what is possible and so they wanted it either.Nevertheless I will stick with Win32ASM.
  • I also took a look at C/C++ and JAVA but those languages are pure hell for me. I am able to know what is going on but I have never been able to do something correct immediately (always trial-and-error) because of those fu****g {}. Java was also terrible for me (even though I admit that one negative aspect is that I did not have an IDE for it but I had to do this by command line every time *lazy_guy_I_am* ). In the last days I had to modify some CGI-Perl-Scripts for my guestbook (BTW, sorry for the layout but I like this look and it reminds me of this board :D) and - don't ask me why - I understood most of it and had been able to add several functions to the board (w/o trial-and-error. Nevertheless I will stick with Win32ASM.
  • In the next days I will get VB6 and I will again look at it. Maybe I will like it then for some test apllications to get them working fast.Nevertheless I will stick with Win32ASM.
  • Just wanted to tell you all some things of my private life. Stefan
    Posted on 2001-04-25 15:41:00 by Stefan Krause
    Hello everyone! Like all of you did, I think I will use this chance to introduce myself and tell you a bit of my history. My name is Milos Tziotas, I'm born in '83 and come from Yugoslavia. I have started with QBasic and moved to VB. WHen I was about to move to VC++ I have found out about DirectX and that made me keep using VB. When I have finaly decided to stop using VB and definitely move to VC++, I have found out making programs for Windows was also possbile with ASM. As I have heard ASM is the most powerful language, I wanted to learn it instead. It prooved to be very fun to learn and use so here I am, coding in ASM, here and there writing some stuff in VB and as about VC++ I know only some basics that I have no clue how I learned since I haven't wrote much code in it. In my spare time I do usual things like going out, coding or reading SF. Except going to school I also have a part time job in a computer superstore and I hate it - I'm not much into hardware and software problem solving. -Milos
    Posted on 2001-04-25 15:54:00 by Milos