Hey, I can't get the Resource Compiler in MASM's Qeditor to work properly. I can do it manually, but it looks for rsrc.rc. Should I just rename my resource to that??? Also, where can I get a good tutorial on resource file syntax? Thanx, *unknown*
Posted on 2001-04-23 00:41:00 by *unknown*
Ya i ran into simular probs with rsrc.rc, if you check out the build.bat, builda.bat, etc. in your bin dir, you will see that they are specifially named as such. If its not named 'rsrc' it will not be linked. As for tuts etc. I havent seen much out there, I pretty well keep an eye out for good source from other random examples etc and note the rc template styles as i come across them. (I Realize this isnt much help). There is i believe, RC.HLP within the BIN dir of the MASM32 install. (Could be wrong, but pretty sure it came with Masm). It is a basic overview of some of the RC options.. moderatly helpful, but it doesnt give you souce examples etc. Anywho, thats the facts as i see em... :rolleyes: Hope it helped, NaN
Posted on 2001-04-23 02:21:00 by NaN