I have a program with a patternbrush that paints the background. It worked fine while I was working in win2000, but when I tried it in ME and 98 it just showed a white background, no bitmap. I've searched for almost an hour to find out what's wrong, and just when I was about to hang myself I found out that it did work when I made the bitmap bigger (the original was 1x2 pixels). In fact, it ONLY worked when the bitmap was bigger than 8x8 pixels, while the win32 programmer's reference clearly states: Windows 95: Creating brushes from bitmaps or DIBs larger than 8x8 pixels is not supported. If a larger bitmap is specified, only a portion of the bitmap is used. What's wrong? Thomas
Posted on 2001-04-23 15:49:00 by Thomas
Whats wrong ? the documentation :P Win16 help says:
Bitmaps used as fill patterns should be 8 pixels by 8 pixels
Win32 Knowledge base says:
However, since the pattern brush is always 8 x 8 pixels, ...
Maybe the function is used not so often, and nobody has found the mistake in the text ...
Posted on 2001-04-24 14:07:00 by beaster
Thanks! So I guess the documentation should be: "a pattern brush should always be 8x8 pixels unless you have a newer OS that supports larger brushes". Thomas
Posted on 2001-04-24 16:09:00 by Thomas