Hiroshimator, As you know, many people liked the "feel" of that thread I posted eariler (Just Curious.....). I assume that many of the members chat via IRC.....I also assume that there are some members who don't (like me). If the vibe is good, whatcha think about installing a chat room here; or possibly an IRC-ingnorant java client??? Later, *unknown*
Posted on 2001-04-23 23:47:00 by *unknown*
hmm maybe. I'd like others to post their opinion about it here as well. I can only model it to our wishes if we all speak up you know ;) It will be for later: I'm starting with the build of the new site this week, so I'm kind of busy :) I'll probably create somekind of 'of topic' forum (as a bonus ;)), where we can discuss other things. But the focus here is and will stay professional programming for 32 bits (or higher) MS Windows in assembly language.
Posted on 2001-04-24 02:26:00 by Hiroshimator