How is it possible to get an MDI window's child handle if i have the window's (father of the MDI) handle ?
Posted on 2001-04-24 10:29:00 by lsx
lsx, Assuming you have the parent of the MDI then you can use EnumChildWindows to iterate though the children. However, with an MDI app with say, 1 child window there are actually 3 windows in existence, the frame window, (the big one covering it all) the Client window (the one which holds the MDI Children) and the MDI Child itself. You'll have to loop through the Children of the frame and find the Client, from there you will have to loop again through all the child windows, which are the MDI Children. To locate them you'll have to know the name of the window you're looking for, or it's class. If you want an example let me know. umbongo.
Posted on 2001-04-24 11:11:00 by umbongo