im just beginning this but i need a few of my questions answered first. my program will open up a file and read the contents into a buffer then display one portion of the string into one text box and the other in the other textbox. the file for now will only contain one line: the colon is the part of the string where it will split at. the colon wont show in the textboxes. will be in one textbox and 8080 will be in another. what i dont know how to do is split up the string and what to do after that. smurf This message was edited by smurf, on 4/24/2001 8:56:28 PM
Posted on 2001-04-24 20:48:00 by smurf
Use masm32 string functions, or you could code your own proc to do it for you. Using the string functions is probably preferible as otherwise things can get very complicated and messy for complex string maniulations but is slower.

Split PROC lpIn:DWORD,lpOut1:DWORD,lpOut2:DWORD
 colon BYTE ":",0

invoke InString ,1,lpIn,ADDR colon
push eax

dec eax
invoke szLeft ,lpIn,lpOut1,eax

invoke StrLen ,lpIn
pop edx

sub eax,edx
invoke szRight ,lpIn,lpOut2,eax

mov eax,TRUE
Split ENDP
Posted on 2001-04-24 23:06:00 by George
ack! i see you beat me too it, oh well i dont care, im too tired, im going to post this anyway....

SplitString proc source :DWORD, dest:DWORD
    LOCAL cnt:BYTE      ; declare counter variable
    mov cnt, 0          ; we will use it as 0 is inactive while 1 is active
    mov ecx, source     ; put address into ecx
    mov edx, dest       ; put address into edx

    mov al,        ; copy byte at address in ecx to al
    inc ecx             ; increment address in ecx    
    cmp cnt,1           ; are we ready to write?   
    je Mid              ; oh yeah!
    cmp al, ':'         ; see if where at the turning point
    jne Start           ; if not jump back
    mov cnt,1           ; if so 'activate' the counter
    mov ,0         ; clear out the ':' character
    jmp Start           ; jmp back
    cmp al, 0           ; test for zero first
    je  Endof           ; exit loop on ascii zero not the character '0'
    mov , al       ; else copy byte in al to address in edx
    mov , 0        ; erase the string behind us 
    inc edx             ; increment address in edx
    jmp Start


SplitString endp
yeah its slopy and i havent tested it cuz im so tired and ready for bed, so im not sure if it will even work, :] ill run through how to use it...

 ;make sure to declare the proc

SplitString proto :DWORD, :DWORD



 ;to invoke pass two things, the string u want to split at that point, and the other sting to get the other end

invoke SplitString, addr originalstring, addr otheremptyvariable

 ;so the first part befor the ':' will be in originalstring and ther part after the ': should be i the otheremptyvarible passed...
 ;to put them into text boxes...

invoke SetDlgItemText,window_handle,Control_id, addr originalstring
invoke SetDlgItemText,window_handle,Control_id, addr otheremptyvarible

 ;there u go!

hope it helps! -brad This message was edited by Rage9, on 4/24/2001 11:26:06 PM
Posted on 2001-04-24 23:25:00 by Rage9
thanks George and Rage9 you both have been very helpfull. smurf
Posted on 2001-04-25 04:36:00 by smurf