All: I am working on converting one of my NT device drivers from C to asm and I am currently stuck on how to convert the KdPrint function. Any help in doing so would be greatly appreciated. Inside the file ntddk.h file KdPrint is defined as follows:

#if DBG

#define KdPrint(_x_) DbgPrint _x_
#define KdBreakPoint() DbgBreakPoint()


#define KdPrint(_x_)
#define KdBreakPoint()

and DbgPrint is defined as follows:

#ifndef _DBGNT_
    PCH Format,
#endif // _DBGNT_
with PCH being:

typedef CHAR *LPCH, *PCH;
Now in my asm include file i have the CHAR being defined as:

WCHAR typedef	WORD	;unicode character
CHAR textequ			;unicode char type
where I am getting lost at is how do I handle the ... portion of DbgPrint function decleration. Thanks for any help that you may be able to provide.
Posted on 2001-04-27 13:24:00 by madprgmr
The ... refers to a VARARG type
Posted on 2001-04-27 16:36:00 by anon
Thanks, that cleared my head right up. MadPrgmr
Posted on 2001-04-27 19:10:00 by madprgmr