Just wondering, seeing all the requests for a code library and stuff... It's not as if I want you to become Karoshimator :D
karoshi A Japanese term for death from overwork. A regrettable, but honorable fate for Salaryman (q.v.). "A typical tale: 'For 10 years, I never came home before midnight. I had no weekend, almost no vacation, and no family life. I was lucky I didn't become a karoshi statistic.' " (Robert Juhl) Another example: "A judge in central Japan's Okayama Prefecture ordered Kawasaki Steel Corp to pay 52 million yen ($403,000) in compensation to the family of Junichi Watanabe, ruling that unreasonable working hours without rest led him to take his life. " Watanabe, 41, jumped to his death from the sixth-floor of a building in June 1991, after working for six months straight with only two days off, NHK said." Tokyo, 2/23/98 (Reuters) A stereotype of Japanese behavior a "yellow peril" that German and other employers have used to scare their workers out of lethargy. "During a recent strike in Germany, the management admonished its workers with a poster reading 'Die Konkurrenz im Osten laechelt' (your competition in the Far East is smiling)." (Robert Juhl) A relatively rare phenomenon (32 karoshi deaths in 1993, 76 in 1994 with an expanded definition) that has become an urban legend in the West, and which misrepresents normal behavior in the Japanese workplace. With more karoshi and less tobashi (q.v.) and sokaiya (q.v.), perhaps Yamaichi Securities might have survived another 100 years.
Oh yeah, and this board absolutely ROCKS! I really believe this is the "life force" of the Win32asm community. No, wait: This is the win32asm community. :cool: This message was edited by Qweerdy, on 4/28/2001 1:34:07 PM
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getting the outlines of the new thing ready (have some delay there :( ) having to reformat/remake my box here :( I always dread that day, takes me more then a day to fully rebuild it. (that's one thing *nix sure does better then MS: install speed) When I'm browsing it just randomly locks up :-/ Also thinking about letting people attach messages to posts and stuff, how to implement and control it, etc... Lots of things
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