Hi people! I work with computers repair (hardware) and I am wondering if there is some way to do this : In some mainboards, the attack of a virus just sent to space the bios, so, is how could I make a simple program to put just something on screen, write this in an eprom and use this as a boot bios, but not using any pushes pop's or wathever, because I don't want, if possible, to use any memory IC, to simplify things when I want to test some mainboard. Resuming : write an eprom with a program that will be charged on as soon as you turn the computer on and it will put some message on the screen, just to know that the board works, in the case that the original bios was destoyed (in the case of chernobill virus, as example). Thanks for any help : Sergio A.S. de Aguiar
Posted on 2001-04-28 19:51:00 by ssaguiar