In Winsock2 there is an API called 'TransmitFile'. It is used to transmit file data. This is a goal i am trying to accomplish in a file sharing program, but as Qweerdy pointed out...not everyone uses Winsock2. So can anyone explain this interface in winsock1.1? Including the API's needed? Is it even possible in v1.1 for assembly? I see many recieve-file programs in Win32Asm, but never a send-file program. Hope someone can help me out. Thanks! Nok.
Posted on 2001-05-01 12:18:00 by Nokturnal
"Not everyone has winsock 2". Yes that's true, but most people do. Winsock 2 is already available with win98. The only OS that doesn't have it is win95 (except the last versions), but there's a patch available for it to upgrade. I don't know about NT, but 2000 has it for sure. I use winsock 2 all the time assuming the users will have it. Winsock 2 is the newest version and therefore I use it, besides it has nicer looking documentation :). About TransmitFile: I don't know much about this function, but I don't think you have much control over the process when you use it. It's better to design your own routines, you learn much more from it too :). I've been working on my file transfer program quite a time, the first version of HTTPFT (http file transfer, it is a transfer that can send a file via the web to someone else) is not advanced at all, it asks you for a file, then starts a tiny http server that sends an introduction page and then the file to the receiver. I created it because the ICQ transfer didn't work most of the time. Now I'm working on v2.01, which is far more advanced. It allows multiple users, multiple connections and files, a full 'transfer center'-page, etc. I'm about to finish the 'yet unreleased', 'full of bugs' database engine the program is going to use. It's quite a big project. You can download the first version (very simple) from my site : Source is not included, but if you want it just mail me. Thomas
Posted on 2001-05-01 13:00:00 by Thomas