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With RadASM, how do I setup a hotkey to open the sdk
documentation by microsoft? I downloaded the huge sdk
from MS and then copied a part of it to my masm32\help
directory (it is a bloated package), and uninstalled it.

Then I edited the radasm.ini to open $H\sdk\platsdk.col
because that has the full index for the whole thing (it consists
of about 200 files, none of which are actually *.hlp's..

Which I guess the problem is, nothing is *.hlp, they are all
a strange compressed html format, and radasm tries to
open it with winhlp32.exe, when It needs to use cmd.exe
or something...

For the time being I've added my sdk help into the tools menu
which works fine (i guess it uses or cmd.exe to
open exes? which of course works fine with .col because of
my folder settings. In folder options->files types it only uses 'open'...

Anyways, is there anyway to use non help files (.hlp) in a hotkey?

Matt, the windbag.
Posted on 2002-01-06 15:44:28 by matthew
Hi matthew

You need to activate the msdnHelp addin in RadASM.ini.
You must also edit C:\RadASM\Addins\Help.ini and set the path to your .col file. Note: There must be no CR+LF's in the Help.ini file.

Posted on 2002-01-06 16:00:39 by KetilO
Ok that worked :)

However, on the subject of addins, why does asciitable
stay grayed out despite being activated in the .ini file?

After I was messing around and compiling it
the menuitem ungrayed, but now it is gray again..

--> Things I might like to see in the future
1) In the projects dialog on the right, I think it would be
nice to be able to right-click and have the menuitem from
Projects->"Add New >" in that popup menu.. just something
I'm used to from Vbasic (sob sob, its imprinted in my brain)..

2)In the output dialog on the bottom you cannot copy your
selection, only the whole message.. Minor annoyance when
I wanted to copy and paste the name of a missing include to
search for... BTW, MsdnHelp doesnt have htmlhelp.lib * .inc
and I dont seem to have them either, at least its precompiled.

Posted on 2002-01-06 17:22:51 by matthew
Hi matthew

The asiiTab menu item is grayed when there is no topmost edit window.

1. Coming soon.
2. Use Ctrl+C. I will put this on the popup menu.

HtmlHelp .inc and .lib. Can't remember where I got them.

Posted on 2002-01-06 17:30:54 by KetilO
I found a little bug with AsciiTable...

It never stops complaining about being full with 10 bytes,
after i've closed it and want to use it again.. that might not
be and bug and you might know of a way to clear its buffer ;-)

Definently a bug.. if i use ascii table and close it, it adds
a grayed out copy of itself into the tools menu.

Danke Schon.
Posted on 2002-01-06 18:36:52 by matthew
Matthew, that was corrected, check one of the recent posts today for the updated version of asciitab...

Posted on 2002-01-06 19:01:47 by _Shawn
asciiTab also clears it's buffer if you right dbl click.

Posted on 2002-01-06 19:23:24 by KetilO
Oh sorry! I had downloaded asciitable before you said that,
but forgot to copy asciitab.dll into the AddIns directory.. oops :)
Posted on 2002-01-06 19:25:50 by matthew