If what you were expecting was: X equ 1 or something, you can expect simular results with h2inc.exe . It is far from perfect, but it does a good head start. It is only an aid, and you will have to manually go through your .inc files to see if they are correct. Others have tried to build a bigger and better version, I recieved one once, but i cant really say weather it "was" better as i didnt get too involved with such things :rolleyes: . NaN This message was edited by NaN, on 5/2/2001 11:25:11 PM
Posted on 2001-05-02 23:23:00 by NaN
disease, I would not hold out much hope with h2inc as it will not work on the majority of C++ header files. I think you can get it to work on older style C header files but the format of the SDK header files is simply too complex for it. Regards, hutch@pbq.com.au
Posted on 2001-05-03 01:33:00 by hutch--
I have a new H2INC utility I have coded. Is it complete, No. But it is getting there. I will send you a copy. Try it out. Let me know what is wrong. I have used it on the modern SDK header files and it is doing a reasonable job. Will it ever be perfect, gosh no. But if when M$ comes out with a new set of SDK headers, will we manually need to convert everything. I hope not.
Posted on 2001-05-03 09:11:00 by DelphianOracle7
I did DirectX 6 by hand this afternoon.. was a bit tedious, but i have the power of Fucntion macro's behind me.. (saved me a tone of time ~ One of the better features Ultra Edit has to offer). I chose DX6 since i had it on disk, and because i hear DX8 is not that great. As well the Download is HuGe for the SDK. Anywho.. im pounding out the only bug so far and when its done i can send you it if you want (has all the COM stuctures formated by Ernie's COM style included). If there is a bunch of people interested, i can post the source for others to work off of. NaN
Posted on 2001-05-04 00:40:00 by NaN