Hola! I suppose that most people here, like myself, is using Napster and that you think that the filter they are using to prevent users from downloading a lof of good music sucks! I have an idea. Is it possible to "encrypt" all the names? For example: When you hit the Search button, each char is being increased by 1: madonna -> nbepoob the same thing will happen with the information that is sent to the Napster server and the opposite when you recieve the searchresults. I don't really know how it shall be done, but I have seen a tutorial somewhere about adding functions to an already existing program, and that is maybe a way of doing it. So what do you think about it?? the_mz This message was edited by the_mz, on 5/3/2001 6:20:24 AM
Posted on 2001-05-03 06:06:00 by the_mz
The legality of this topic is a little dubious. It also doesn't seem to be directly assembly related, other than it can be done IN assmebly. I'm sure you've all read the rules of conduct. Mirno P.S. Sorry if this response offends anyone, but I like the board, and I don't want it closed down because of "War3Z", and "l3úT0 HaXorZ".
Posted on 2001-05-03 07:08:00 by Mirno
It can be done and shouldn't be really hard. I once changed napster so I could set the server it should run on and display which server you're connected to. At the end of the code section there's often some space left for your own code. So if you change the handler of the search button to call your own code that changes the search string and then returns to the normal handler. But I doubt if it will be usefull to have such an 'encryption'. To make it really work, everyone should use that encryption. Try napigator, it allows you to connect napster to non-official servers that don't have filters. But if you really want to know how to change napster I can take a look at it. Thomas
Posted on 2001-05-03 07:08:00 by Thomas
Sorry if this response offends anyone, but I like the board, and I don't want it closed down because of "War3Z", and "l3úT0 HaXorZ".
That will not happen for the simple reason that we will not now nor ever allow it on this board. Yes, the sharing of files can have a legit and usefull purpose. Yes, an se a pure file server does nothing wrong. The napster software isn't doing anything illegal either... but we all know what it's used for and we all know that (almost) no one uses it for legal purposes. Therefore since, inspite of its academic legality, the real world (ab)uses are abundant not to mention illegal and out of respect for authors out there: this thread as well as topic is and will stay closed. If you don't like this, it's not going to change and you might as well find yourself another forum then, if this makes me a tirant in your eyes, so be it. The world of win32 is vast enough to keep us all busy doing other, less 'dubious' things. So if anyone wishes to peruse this 'project', don't do it on this forum is all I ask. Topic closed, let's move on. -H-
Posted on 2001-05-03 07:49:00 by Hiroshimator