Ok, maybe its not appropriate here but...how hard it is to make some simple hardware device and connect it to PC that is using Win2000 or Win'x'...i was reading DDK from microsoft and i got the impression if you put right microprocesor(microcontroler) then all the driver for really low hardware level are already there. I would just plug it in, and write some device driver with DDK, this device driver would basiclly interact with microcontroler...what i ask if this is maybe too much, or is it possible for one man to do that. Please some comments...if one do answers, i would ask for some bigger answer, not just, 'yes is it possible', but a few steps maybe how to get it working, no, not a whole book, just a few steps:) thank you
Posted on 2001-05-03 07:37:00 by Geecko