What type of windows would you prefer for
displaying your source in an IDE?
Posted on 2001-07-20 11:12:22 by Ewayne
I prefer MDI with a TAB Window to controls which one to use. The window should be a different one put either on the top side of the main app window or on the bottom of it, near the status bar.

An alternative to MDI could be a Window with an split bar to make 2 windows. (That way one can see 2 sources at the same time). The tab window should hightlight the window with the keyboard focus (or the last edit window with the keyboard focus).

On any case, Window switching and closing should not be restricted to only mouse clicks. For any mouse action there should be a corresponding keyboard shortcut.
Posted on 2001-07-20 11:22:33 by dxantos
Ewayne, is not about IDE or TAB. what we, as programmers are looking for is a way of getting our source compiled. other such as MDI or tab is just an asset. what i think you should do is sit and think about an editor - ask yourself why you like editor and as for an editor, i think you should try to keep it as simple as possible.

vc++ is mdi. but i never open more than 2 file! :alright:
Posted on 2001-07-20 11:30:37 by disease_2000
To disease_2000,

I already have my AsmEdit that uses tabs, but I'm
going to make some major changes to it and I
don't know if I should switch to MDI's or not.
Posted on 2001-07-20 11:36:38 by Ewayne
then go for MDI (it's a good experience if this is your first time). and also, try not to have alot of windows open. :) simple or small is what people considered as beautiful.
Posted on 2001-07-20 11:43:29 by disease_2000
To disease_2000,

I know how to do MDI's, I just want to know
which of the two most people would prefer.

Posted on 2001-07-20 11:47:16 by Ewayne
this is my last msg before i go and eat banana. ewayne, you know anything about delphi? it's not a true MDI (or is it?) but what it has is TAB it support mouse click (and then automatically open a new file in new tab). or perhaps you can clone delphi :) not the whole thing, just the editor and tab part. and also, what if you have MDI and no tab? there are some that might want BOTH.
Posted on 2001-07-20 11:54:31 by disease_2000
Take a look at VASM - Visual Assembler IDE at http://www.vasm.org. It is similar to the Delphi IDE.

So far, I've gotton great feedback and kudos from all over the world. A few people had asked for an MDI interface, but, the majority like the TAB interface like Delphi has. :)

I may do both in the future since Delphi supports MDI, SDI, or any other kind no problems. Delphi itself has an SDI interface. :alright:
Posted on 2001-07-20 12:12:32 by rainbird
Mdi or Tab does not matter to me, but I would still go
for the Mdi because you could easily create a tab and
all would be happy. Are you still going tu use RichEdit
or will you use cmax. Cmax has a splitter bar wich I find
very usful.
Posted on 2001-07-20 14:30:01 by KetilO
To KetilO

I'll still use RichEdit in my AsmEdit program.

I have my own splitter bar controls that I wrote
in assembler.
Posted on 2001-07-20 14:49:29 by Ewayne
Yes I know you have a splitterbar. I tryed your AsmEdid
and I liked it. What I meant was that Cmax has two slitter-
bars wich make you abel to wach 4 diferent parts or your
code in the same window. Don't tell me you are able to do
this with a RichEdit ?
Posted on 2001-07-20 15:09:01 by KetilO
I'm working on the code to do that in RichEdit.
Posted on 2001-07-20 15:14:20 by Ewayne
I just knew it. You are an incredibly talented and productive
asm programmer. I am really looking forward to your next
Posted on 2001-07-20 15:21:24 by KetilO
I will like Tabs because they are much easyer to arrange ;) ie no arrangement at all...

However Eugen sure wants MIDI because he uses to scroll 2 sections of code (to compare) in two paralel windows...sometimes i do also...

SO i belive a splitter bar for 2 windows view and tabs for each spliter section will make us both happy ;)

PS we use PFE right now and its MIDI but i hate it when i have 12 window open at a time :(...

so if Ewayne's editor advances...i might switch
(or other IDE's to be honest with everybody)

Search/Replace in all files under a folder (with subfolders)
and a procedure/labels map/flowchart will make us SUPER HAPPY
(so we will not have to use the .lst huge file for this)
Posted on 2001-07-21 00:46:21 by BogdanOntanu
It looks like the next release of AsmEdit will
have MDI windows controled by tabs with the capabilities of split windows plus many changes.

I still do not like MDI's.

Posted on 2001-07-21 21:42:22 by Ewayne
i would prefer tabs. there are only two reasons:

1] i'm used to it because of ultra edit. i think many of you use a editor that displays text in tabs.

2] it's much more comfortable than clicking through thousands of mdi child windows.... :tongue:
Posted on 2001-07-22 04:15:03 by NOP-erator
I use Zeus For Windows

"Zeus for Windows is a programmer's editor design specifically by programmer's, specifically for programmer's working in the Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT environments. "

Posted on 2001-07-22 05:29:56 by Rosky

The only thing I like less than MDI is tabbed windows, the tabs are not long enough for complete path and file names and they get smaller as you open more files.

MDI is at least built into the system, even though its a win3.# leftover but you can code it with standard things like menu parts specific to MDI and you can set it to open the MDI child window at the size of the parent so its more or less like using a single document interface with a menu to change the files.

My own taste is a little austere for most, I like a single document interface that you can ALT/TAB between instances but that is not fashionable at the moment.

I wrote the first version of my small editor in PFE and found it to be a slick, well though out MDI editor where I never liked UltraEdit, I prefer grunt to glitz so I am more interested in back end than front end.

Keep up the good work.


Posted on 2001-07-22 05:39:05 by hutch--

Personally I like the way AsmEdit displays the
source the way it is, (using tabs) but maybe have
the capibilities to split the window.

I only display the file name plus extension on
the tabs and the full path in the title bar.

I don't know if I can split a MDI window, I'll
have to think about that.

I know you can't write an editor to please
everone, maybe I'll have the capibilities to let
the user configure the editor to use only Tab's
or Tab's and MID's.:(

I hear a lot of talk about UltaEdit, maybe I'll
download it to see what it looks like.

Posted on 2001-07-22 10:43:51 by Ewayne
I prefer MDI. Tabs are too cumbersome for me.

Posted on 2001-07-22 13:12:45 by _Shawn