Howabout both, like UltraEdit, which is my personal favorite. Tab's and MDI. If you dont like mdi, just keep the MDI's maximized. And AutoMaximize should be an easy feature. Output windows rock. Okay thats all for my 2 cents.
Posted on 2001-07-22 13:17:15 by karl
I would vote for an MDI interface without tabs. The first time I saw tabs used I was slightly horrified, until I found how to tuen em off.

My screen real estate is VALUABLE. Don't waste it without letting me see something usefull.

No a project bos IS usefull, it lets me know my hiarachy at a glance, lets me see where I am and how to get to any part.

So for very complex projects, gimma a MSVC like envirment.

For simple things, say an .asm and a .rc only, a MDI is a bit much. I really do like the sparce simplicity of Quick Editor, bare metal performance when I just want to plow thru and JUST DO IT.

QE is my first choice, it is only abandoned when my task bar icons begin getting too narrow to let me see what file each instance has.
Posted on 2001-07-22 18:33:01 by Ernie
any IDE that makes the words pretty colors is good enough for me...
Posted on 2001-07-22 18:39:01 by SubHuman

I think a splitter bar can be done in an MDI child window but it will need to be done dynamically for every window to work properly. I impliment a splitter bar as a seperate window with its own callback and all it does is set the X/Y coordinate to a global variable. To do it as a dynamic method, you will have to have a way to pass the X/Y coordinate but I think it can be done with a WM_COMMAND message.

I use the coordinates from the splitter window to calculate the size of the three windows that have to be sized in the WM_SIZE message, 2 controls and the splitter size. There may ne a trick where you can store the X/Y coordinate in the extra memory of each child window.

Posted on 2001-07-22 21:11:56 by hutch--
Afternoon, all.

I prefer using 'Tab' controls.

File names could be placed at the top of each 'page' as a 'Label'. The 'page'/s could be split horizontally, with the '*.inc' file at the top, and the appropriate '*.def' file (if any) in the bottom quarter.:alright:

I have no problem with the 'Tab's getting smaller on WinMe.

From the current Platform SDK:
By default, a tab control displays only one row of tabs. If not all tabs can be shown at once, the tab control displays an up-down control so that the user can scroll additional tabs into view. You can cause a tab control to display multiple rows of tabs, if necessary, by specifying the TCS_MULTILINE style. With this style, all tabs can be displayed at once. The tabs are left-aligned within each row unless you specify the TCS_RIGHTJUSTIFY style. In this case, the width of each tab is increased so that each row of tabs fills the entire width of the tab control.

I've always found that if 'Tab' controls are implemented well, it's far easier to switch between data modules ( in this case, source files).

However, having said all that, how often do you really need to switch between files? I usually only need to switch between the current '*.inc' file I'm working on, and it's '*.def' file.:)

My two cents worth.

Posted on 2001-07-23 01:00:35 by Scronty