D*mn I just lost my complete new post. IE couldn't find the server and the form was empty when I pressed back. Anyway, I've uploaded the source code of my old file transfer program (httpft 1.0), I'm working on the next (far more advanced) version, but I thought some people would be interested in the source (usb already asked me). It's a file transfer program that can send a single file via the web (http) to someone else. It shows you how to setup a server that sends a page and a file. I haven't put it at my site yet, but you can download it here. Just a few notes:
  • The 'errors' folder contains some html files, they are the design for the pages, but they are not actually used by the program. The errors.inc contains the data that is send.
  • The program uses my own utility called combiner. It can combine multiple .asm source files to one file. This way, masm treats it as one file and therefore you can use all data, procedures etc. in all files in the project, withouth EXTERNDEFing them or include them all into a main file etc. The mx in the make.bat file is a wrapper for ml.exe. It just calls ml.exe as if you used ml instead of mx, but it uses a so called line information file combine made, to translate the line numbers in the main file to the line numbers in the individual files. Because all the files are put in one file, masm will show you the error line numbers in that one file too. Mx solved this. Combine.ini contains project information for combine. To make it work, you will have to put both combine and mx in the 'extra' folder either in your \masm32\bin or in the httpft source folder. Thomas btw mDe was my old nickname This message was edited by Thomas, on 5/3/2001 2:41:02 PM
  • Posted on 2001-05-03 14:36:00 by Thomas