Why is this thread still here? Canīt we all just agree that reverse eng. etc can be "ok" sometimes and "not okay" other times? Isnīt it just a matter of why you do it?
Posted on 2001-05-08 19:51:00 by Ahner
Reply to dxantos. -----Quote----- I see nothing wrong with adding new functionality to existing application or even dissasembling them. Reverse enginering is a valid and valuable learning tool. ---------------- Well you have payed for the right to use the program. You haven't payed for the right to reverse engineer the program and learn from it's binary code. If you pay for the right to reverse engineer the program then you may do so. You also haven't payed for the right to modify the program. Some programs provide the ability for plug-ins and mabye if theres a option for that you might be allowd to make one. Don't forget that they could have intentionally not added that option so they could add it in a new version so people intrested in that option will then need to buy the new version. By reverse engineering there software you might discover there programing techniques witch they are not intrested in other people knowing. This would also assist you knowing how to clone there program or to make a program with similar functionality while even if you don't use this info you might provide it to someone who will. -----Quote----- Lets see this as a car. If bought a car or someone gives you one. Then you can do whatever you want with that car, upgraded, make it faster or slower, give it to a friend, lend it, crash it, whatever. However there are some differences between software and cars. ---------------- Bad example. You can't do whatever you want with a car. First of all you can't drive it unless you have a valid driver's license. Second you can't drive it unless you have valid insurance. And a several of other things. You can't modify your car however you want. If your modification is not considered a safe one then you may not do it. While you may be ok with it or you might consider it safe the person you crash into will not be ok with it. If you give it to a friend you will also need to fill out the proper papers. If you do lend your car to someone and your car is not considered safe you will be in allot of trouble. I also suppose you are not allowd to intentionally crash your car. I'll also give an example. You go to a lawyer and pay him money for legal advice. Later you can go and tell all your friends this legal advice. -----Quote----- having more than one machine ---------------- I assume you mean install on more then one machine? When you buy software you are only allowed to install it on one machine. You need to pay for each computer you install it on.
Posted on 2001-05-09 21:26:00 by Rancor
Guys, Maybe a few people miss that we live in a world where many of the activities described here are illegal, whether some like it or not, thats the way it is. No-one in this forum is going to tell you what you can or cannot do in the real world, everyone here is a real grown up person and has to be responsible for what they do in the world. Where the line gets drawn with the forum is anything that exposes either it or its members to any form of criticism or any form of association with illegal activities. The purpose of the forum is a place where assembler language programmers can safely post info and share knowledge with other assembler language programmers. Feel free to visit other forums that are better suited to the style of debate that has dragged on here or perhaps start one that can be used for this purpose but in this forum, the debate is over. I personally accept responsibility for closing this thread in the interests of protecting the forum's members from any association with the things that have been discussed here. Regards, hutch@pbq.com.au
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