This just happened to me again. I started to reply to a post. The phone rang, I BSed for a while, went to make myself a sandwich, ate it, then came back to finish the reply. About 20 minutes went bye. When I hit the SUBMIT REPLY button, I got the following message: YOU MUST FILL IN A USER NAME Or something like that. Sorry, I didn't get an exact quote. I'm SURE that I logged on before I started the reply. It's almost like the forum forgot that I logged on! I know that this has been mentioned in the past, and I know that you haven't seen it. Just wanted to let you know that it's still a problem. :)
Posted on 2001-05-05 03:09:00 by S/390
I know. I have been having it too lately. One of the reasons why I'm moving to a different host.
Posted on 2001-05-05 08:18:00 by Hiroshimator
S/390, The current board uses MSFT ASP, which defaults to a 10 minute timeout on sessions. Due to the nature of keeping track of sessions with cookies, and the timeouts specified/defaulted by the Host Provider, this problem may not go away even on the new board, because Hiroshimator doesn't control session timeouts. The alternative is to do without sessions provided by the host, and create your own tracking mechanism, if required.
Posted on 2001-05-05 16:00:00 by SFinegan
on the new board PHP3 is used, which doesn't provide sessions. So I'll have to make my own :D Unfortunately time-outs aren't really the problem (well not inmy case they aren't) I get a 'no site configured at this address' quite a lot :(
Posted on 2001-05-05 17:20:00 by Hiroshimator