i want to scroll some content in a static control. first of all i added WS_VSCROLL style in CreateWindowEx of the static control. when i started the program i noticed, that i even wasn't able to click on this little arrows, nothing happened. then i found a code to scroll by Ron Thomas:

.elseif uMsg == WM_VSCROLL
		;	Get vertical scroll bar info

	  mov	sci.cbSize,sizeof sci
	  mov	sci.fMask,SIF_ALL

	  invoke  GetScrollInfo, hBox, SB_VERT, ADDR sci

	  mov	eax,sci.nPos		
	  mov	iVertPos,eax		; Save position for later comparison

	  LOWORD   wParam		; Get mouse notification code (eax)

	  .IF     eax==SB_TOP

		  mov	eax,sci.nMin
		  mov	sci.nPos,eax
		  mov	eax,sci.nMax
		  mov	sci.nPos,eax	

	  .ELSEIF eax==SB_LINEUP	; Clicked top arrow of SB  

	          dec	sci.nPos

	  .ELSEIF eax==SB_LINEDOWN	; Clicked bottom arrow of SB
	          inc	sci.nPos	  

	  .ELSEIF eax==SB_PAGEUP	; Clicked area between top of SB and Thumb

		  mov	eax,sci.nPage	; Subtract # lines of displayable text
		  sub	sci.nPos,eax

	  .ELSEIF eax==SB_PAGEDOWN	; Clicked area between Thumb and bottom of SB

		  mov	eax,sci.nPage	; Add # lines of displayable text
		  add	sci.nPos,eax


	          mov	eax,sci.nTrackPos ; Get current positiom of scroll bar (ebx)
	          mov	sci.nPos,eax	


;	Set position and retrieve it; adjustments by Windows may result in a different value

	  mov	sci.fMask,SIF_POS

	  invoke  SetScrollInfo, hBox, SB_VERT, ADDR sci, TRUE
	  invoke  GetScrollInfo, hBox, SB_VERT, ADDR sci	

;	If position changes, scroll the window & update it

	  mov	eax,iVertPos
	  .IF sci.nPos != eax

	    mov	eax,iVertPos
	    sub eax,sci.nPos
	    invoke ScrollWindow, hBox, 0, eax, NULL, NULL
	    invoke UpdateWindow, hBox
but even now, nothing happened. so i tried to change the handle "hBox" to my main window's handle at added a scrollbar to my main window. the scrolling worked fine. it was possible to click the arrows, aso. the static control also has SS_OWNERDRAW style, but when i removed that i had the same problem. then i removed the scrollbars from the main window again, and tried to subclass my static contol, 'cause i thought that i have to catch the WM_VSCROLL message in the window proc of the static control. but again, nothing happened. has anybody of you an idea what could be the problem, or perhaps a ready code for a static control with scrolling?
Posted on 2001-05-05 09:02:00 by [SaFc0n]
, The problem is that a STATIC control does not accept any user input. If you really want to use a static control to display text in, make it a child of a normal CreateWindowEx style window and scroll it. Also compliments on your web site, it has stuff that many people will find useful. Regards, hutch@pbq.com.au
Posted on 2001-05-05 10:39:00 by hutch--
hey hutch--, thanx for the compliment. one question to this scrolling stuff again: what should i do when i want to scroll a bitmap? what would be the best way to display a scrolling bitmap? bye
Posted on 2001-05-06 05:50:00 by [SaFc0n]