Does anyone know the MASM equivalent to the c++ void SetClock9x(int) and void SetClockNT(int)???
Posted on 2001-05-05 11:23:00 by Mr. Ying
They aren't standard C functions, they are declared in setclock.cpp in your zip file. Most of the code in the functions is already assembler, it's basicly some code that can run a ring 0 procedure. I can't help you with the conversion but take a look at the source files. Thomas
Posted on 2001-05-05 11:47:00 by Thomas
Thank you for replying. I was sort of wondering about that, it looked alot like assembler. Atleast now I'm heading in the right direction........
Posted on 2001-05-05 12:40:00 by Mr. Ying