mov (BITMAP ptr ).bmType, 0

 what does BITMAP PTR do to EDX? (just curious).
Posted on 2001-05-05 18:09:00 by disease_2000
It just means it should treat edx as a pointer of an Bitmap structure. typedef struct tagBITMAP { // bm LONG bmType; LONG bmWidth; LONG bmHeight; LONG bmWidthBytes; WORD bmPlanes; WORD bmBitsPixel; LPVOID bmBits; } BITMAP; So in this case it moves into a 0. It just helps you whenever you need to have another look at the code, as mov dword ptr ,100 doesn't tell you as much as a mov (BITMAP ptr ).bmheight,100 -J-
Posted on 2001-05-05 18:19:00 by JimmyClif