i think iczelion has a tutorial about the lib file. the REAL* data types can be abbreviated: REAL4 = dd ;4 bytes, single precision REAL8 = dq ;8 bytes, double precision REAL10 = dt ;10 bytes fRadius dw 5.3 would not work because because there's no 2-byte floating point data type.
Posted on 2001-05-06 01:20:00 by Sloat
When it comes to declaring data, the one reason for the different types (DWORD WORD BYTE REAL4 REAL8 etc) is so masm can perform checking for you. You could define all your data in a file by moving the location pointer forward. The differece between say DD DWORD and REAL4, which all declare 32Bits of data, is for example: _DD DD 0 _DWORD DWORD 0 _REAL4 REAL4 0.0 DD is an acrynom for DWORD, and is only included in masm for compatiblity reasons. So whats the difference above, simple, a zero value for a REAL4 data item is different from a DWORD value. To create your own library is extremly easy, check out the directory in masm32, m32lib for all the sources of Masm32.Lib. This message was edited by George, on 5/6/2001 1:56:20 AM
Posted on 2001-05-06 01:48:00 by George
To build a library, use the lib program in the \masm32\bin directory. It works like the linker. For example if you have two obj files, you can make a library with the command : lib file1.obj file2.obj /subsytem:windows /out:library.lib Good luck!
Posted on 2001-05-06 07:21:00 by karim