If Microsoft made Masm32, why don't they support it? (And how is it free? :) Searching on the Microsoft Developers Network*, Masm turned up very few results. And the same thing with Borland. Tasm comes with the Borland C stuff and even lets you right write assembly into your apps with: ASM { ;asm goes here! ;i'm not really sure if you use ASM {} but it's something ;like this } But they don't seem to have much assembly support on their site. And you cannot buy Tasm by itself. (Although I think i heard somewhere that you can download Tasm for free from Borlands site.) Has everyone 'officially' given up on assembly for of their projects? Or do they just want you to buy their expensive compilers? ...Matt, the perpetually confused! * http://msdn.microsoft.com/ (I don't really know if this forum supports tags, will see)
Posted on 2001-05-06 02:51:00 by matthew
You are very limited when using inline asm in a C program. For example, you can't use asm macros in C. You only have a small subset of the features available in full blown assembly. I don't know about Borland, but MASM was a retail product from Microsoft up until a few months ago. It's now considered free because it is shipped with the DDK, which is free. I think MS canned it because most people don't use asm to develop Win programs. I think part of it is that they want you to spend money on their other languages, but also because they're pushing for the portability of Win on other non-Intel platforms, and the IA-64, which is quite different from the x86 line, in terms of machine and assembly language. :)
Posted on 2001-05-06 03:17:00 by S/390
after i have searched for it a lot ... i was able to buy TASM 5.0 from a Borland(c) official retailer here in Romania... i was not able however to buy MASM...but i downloaded it (thx ReGet ;) ) as "freeware" with the DDK ... but i whould have liked to buy it
Posted on 2001-05-06 04:05:00 by BogdanOntanu
I just found Masm on Miscrosofts site, Here. They mostly said it comes with their other packages. I'm going to look into DDK in a minute. If you DO get Masm32 from Microsoft is the Windows.inc different from the one you get from Hutch's(or is it Iczelions) site?
Posted on 2001-05-06 16:45:00 by matthew
Also you can get masm if you have VC++. Just download the Visual C++ 6.0 Processor Pack
Posted on 2001-05-06 16:57:00 by dxantos
Matt, MASM32 is a package put together by Hutch that includes many things. MASM from MS is just the assembler and linker. It doesn't contain a WINDOWS.INC :)
Posted on 2001-05-06 17:43:00 by S/390
Matt, Microsoft have not retailed a version of MASM for some time now, I bought the last retail version 6.11d about 3 years ago and had to upgrade it with the linker and ML version from the win98ddk to build 32 bit EXE files. The MASM32 package is possible because of the licence that Microsoft have attached to the PLATFORMSDK and the WIN98DDK, both licences are included in the MASM32 package. The include files in MASM32 are not owned or produced by Microsoft, WINDOWS.INC is a joint project between Iczelion and myself, the rest of the include files are produced by a utility in MASM32 and they are all copyright MASM32 to ensure that they cannot be used in commercial packages. Many people have contributed to MASM32 and to protect their work, the entire package is copyright software. It is offered as genuine freeware and cannot be included in any commercial package and cannot be sold. The programmer who writes in MASM32 completely owns the software that they write and can sell their own software if they wish. If you own VC++ you can download the processor pack as it has ML.EXE version 6.15 but apparently it does not have an extensive set of include files and cannot by itself produce what can be done in MASM32. Regards, hutch@pbq.com.au
Posted on 2001-05-06 20:13:00 by hutch--