This will be theoretical (for now!), since I'm new to asm. Would it be possible to patch Internet Explorer so that it could go into the system tray? I was thinking about having another button on the titlebar like they have in Getright, or a button that could go on the bar that has the back, forward, refresh, etc. buttons. First you'd need the button somewhere usefull, put there with a resource editor perhaps? And then having it access your function .. appended to the end of the file? The new funtion would just hide the window and put an icon into the systray. The icon could be the E on a document; the one IE uses. And it could have menuitems for restoring the window, closing the window, and an about box. I would just like an answer to if it possible and how someone might go about doing it, not in too much detail and I wouldn't understand it anyway (yet!!). I'd like to learn to patch programs and generally impress my friends eventually :). ...Matt, the perpetually confused!
Posted on 2001-05-06 04:23:00 by matthew
It wouldn't be so hard to patch IE to do those things. All you have to do is write a DLL that does the stuff (like the button on the task bar, tray stuff, etc.) and attach it to IE at the right places.. That requires abit of reverse engineering knowledge and coding knowledge.. I suggest you read some tutorials on that..(especially that really cool tutorial by Neural Noise - Hnotepad)
Posted on 2001-05-06 07:39:00 by death
there are tons of programs that do that without patching explorer. most just add another button to the titlebar of all programs (probably using a hook) that lets you minimize to tray. a simple search on google will give you enough to choose from. if you just wanna impress your friends you could do the same thing in win32asm with a hook... i don't think patching ie is gonna be much fun with all the yucky stuff ms put inside it :P
Posted on 2001-05-06 07:41:00 by fresh
I agree with fresh, there are a lot of programs that can minimize windows to the tray. If you want to do it yourself, it's quite easy. Create a tray icon for your own (invisible) window, with some menu options. In the handler for the menu, use FindWindow to find all IE windows, and then use ShowWindow to hide/show them. Of course this will not show a button on IE but it's easier than patching. And like fresh said, if you really want a button try using hooks. Thomas
Posted on 2001-05-06 07:58:00 by Thomas