I keep having problems building my projects with Radasm,
the first project worked fine. So I made a new project called
EmptyProject that is just a skeleton piece of code that assembles
fine. But when I try to build it gives me this error:

LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file "EmptyProject.res"

However this is only an empty project, very minimal code,
and of course doesnt use any .res files :)

But i'm too much of a newb, i dont see why anything should
be going wrong.. I've compared the link options to another
project with the exact same code, that builds, but everything
is the same.
Posted on 2002-01-06 20:41:18 by matthew
In Project Options you should see this for Link:
The four on the end tells RadASM to put {ProjectName}.res on the link command line. Remove the number four:
...and RadASM will only put {ProjectName}.obj on the command line - that is what the three means.
Posted on 2002-01-06 20:48:41 by bitRAKE
it's a lot clearer if you open the .rap file in notepad, then you'll see what the numbers stand for. :)

God I love radasm, this week-end was my first real try and I'm hooked :)
Posted on 2002-01-06 20:56:08 by Hiroshimator
I would have to agree with you, this is great! I've got my nice
looking little skeleton code, slightly modified color scheme (blue
was too dark), and frankly, it just looks nicer than notepad ;)

Plus the dialog editor is much nicer than the one I was using.

I downloaded it today, and I've made a nice 200Mb assembly
package, with radasm, masm libs and incs, tonnes of help
files (140 megs for SDK), and i've got it burnt on my new
driver disc :)

I might be able to get our teachers to teach it in tech ed,
as opposed to that thing they call visual basic.

(I didnt take tech ed this year because they cant program at
all, they really suck. :) )
Posted on 2002-01-06 21:03:51 by matthew
Maybe a new project type should be added:

Win32 App No RC

Posted on 2002-01-07 02:29:30 by KetilO
Hehe, sure.. however, once I learnt how to fix the problem
it was the easiest thing to do for future projects.

I've noticed a lot of wanted features and some bug fixes people
are posting.. Are you planning to release another version in the
near future (within a month)?
Posted on 2002-01-07 02:44:09 by matthew
Actually What I did was just run make and then compile rc first.

Then I just run make and build.

Presto No error!

Maybe this is not the best way but it works!


Posted on 2002-01-08 00:55:42 by cookj
Adding an emty .rc file and compile it first also works well.

Posted on 2002-01-08 02:13:15 by KetilO
Wouldn't it be easiest to include the compile/link parameters in the template-files??? (Just a thought...)

Posted on 2002-01-08 09:05:57 by Delight
Well, the problem really is the lack of a RadASM help file. :rolleyes:

Posted on 2002-01-08 09:24:47 by KetilO
Maybe some users that know well the program can make an official documentation that you can support if you find it accurate... (I would like to make it, but I had no time to look in RadAsm in deep, but only the options I use, which is I suppose the visible part of the iceberg).

Posted on 2002-01-08 09:50:19 by JCP
Hi Readiosys

That would be great. Even a page or two would help a lot. :alright:

Posted on 2002-01-08 10:46:38 by KetilO
Maybe, we could break the job into pieces and everyone do a page or two. We would need a good outline and then people could dive in where they think they know enough to comment. Before long we could have a comprehensive manual. :) Should it be HTML? (yes) RTF? (maybe) TXT? (no) Then could be converted to PDF, CHM, HLP.
Posted on 2002-01-08 10:53:13 by bitRAKE
I agree with BitRAKE...
Imho RTF format is somewhat obsolete (to diffuse documentation, very useful for some things, though).
The main problem for HTML is that it comes quickly with many files everywhere, so, I would say that the chm format is the better choice (who will use RadAsm on Linux, anyway ? :rolleyes: ).

Since KetilO seems to be very interested, and according to BitRAKE's advice to leave documentations parts to differents writters, I think I can take care of the basic stuff (rap configuration, user interface, and these kind of things).

Many people know RadASM better than me (and I'm not a native english-speaker), so if someone else is interrested, no problem with me. ;)

Posted on 2002-01-08 11:59:42 by JCP
Hmm... perhaps we (or more specifically - you :) i'm just a newb) could start off by working on a FAQ. Or build one in conjunction with your documentation project. Questions could be taken right from the message board :tongue:, so it wouldnt be to difficult I suppose.

Just a thought, Matt. :alright:
Posted on 2002-01-08 17:38:46 by matthew
have you used the RadASM MessageDirect Addin I created? It has a full detailed account of all the posts related to RadASM, including news, releases, 3rd party, support issues, and feature requests... you can start there to get some of your information...

Posted on 2002-01-08 17:49:14 by _Shawn
_Shawn, I've got it, and I'm curious - where does it connect to?

I'm not fast enough with netstat I guess ;)

BTW, DirectAddin is good, but It would be nice if there were some back-forward buttons... I like browsing with it without opening a new window.. I'm well aware that I can press 'backspace' or 'shift backspace' for back and forward respectively.. but sometimes its just more convenient to use the mouse..
Posted on 2002-01-08 18:03:31 by matthew

I'm working on another generation for DirectNews... It can be used by many applications and you can switch between apps that support the addin... I'll also provide a way so you can hover the mouse or click an icon next to the news line and aesthetically display info, so you can read a "RadASM x.x.x. Released" or "RadASM code profiler Addin released" and see info about it before you actually do anything. I'm working now on a DLL that will show the news when RadASM starts if there's been any updates... or so...

the news file is http://www.sonshinesoftware.com/MessageDirect/RadASM.html

I started with a text file and then the applet parses it into a treeview, but that proved to be too complicated and inflexible. So in the end, I simply made it a web control... but I have many new features going into it, it'll be a cool program...

Posted on 2002-01-08 19:06:31 by _Shawn