ok. i have got this part right so far: invoke WSAAsyncSelect,socketdesc,winhand, ... however; what message do i send to the window? iczelions tut says "custom windows message". this isnt very helpful. im new to windows messages. there is a list of things below where it says that (in icz tut). are these the messages? in that case what do i put as the last param? could someone please point me in the direction of a good example that uses this API or even another tutorial. also; how do i check to see if the message has been received? thanks. skud.
Posted on 2001-05-06 15:05:00 by skud
Your custom Window Message should be WM_SOCKET (or any other name for it :) )

 invoke WSAAsyncSelect,sock,hWnd,WM_SOCKET,\  ;Setting up what messages we're interested in
               FD_CONNECT or FD_READ or FD_CLOSE
You just need to add to your constants :

Then you will get the FD_READ, FD_CONNECT and FD_CLOSE (or any of the other you choose) notifications in form of the newly created custom message called WM_SOCKET. In your Window Proc you can intercept them like this :

  mov eax,lParam
  .IF ax==FD_READ
     ..do stuff
     ..do stuff
     ..do stuff
Hope this helps :)
Posted on 2001-05-06 16:36:00 by JimmyClif