im tring to setup ultraedit to compile my .asm files but i cant figure out how to make the output show up in ultraedit's output window that displays at the bottom. anyone know how this can be done.? thanks smurf
Posted on 2001-05-06 23:06:00 by smurf
FIrst off, Ultra Edit Rocks! Second, ya its no problem: 1) Set up USER TOOL BUTTONS. (Advanced->Config->Toolbar) 2) Program USER TOOL FUNCTIONS. (Advanced->Tool Configuration) 3) Add Entries: (Here Are Mine) COMMANDLINE: D:\masm32\BIN\BUILD2.BAT %p%n WORKING DIR: %p MENU ITM NM: Compile ASM32 CHCK IF WIN: UNCHECKED SAVE ALL : CHECKED OUTPUT TO LIST RADIO BUTTON SELECTED CAPTURE OUTPUT: CHECKED 4) Click INSERT 5) Repeate for others I have build2.bat, its the same as build, but without the 'pause' command at the end ~ gets annoying in UE. Things to know: %p == Path of file in active window %n == Name of file in active window %e == Extension of the file in the active window (.asm, .exe, etc) %f == %p%n%e (Full path, name, and extension of file) One more thing.. entries are in top->down order in the list box. They represent Usertool 1 -> Usertool x (top->bottom). This is why there is an UP/DOWN button in the tool configuration menu (to move you functions in correct order). TIP: Set up one user tool button and place it at the end of your tool bar. Point it to run "Toolsmnu.exe" in your MASM32 package (Hutch's little program). Then configure the tools menu program to point to all your .hlp files ie: Win32 API Reference,C:\WINDOWS\winhlp32.exe D:\masm32\help\Win32api.hlp I have about 7 books in the menu, makes coding sooooooooo much faster to have info at the tip of a button. Hope this helps... I personally find it the best tool i have ever used. NaN
Posted on 2001-05-06 23:37:00 by NaN
WOW thanks Nan! now im ultrasetup :) smurf
Posted on 2001-05-07 01:24:00 by smurf
While we're at it ;) Is there a way to replace the little hammers from the User Tools with some others? And is there a way to optionally disable this Ultra-Ide-Asm floating Toolbar?
Posted on 2001-05-07 07:33:00 by JimmyClif
I tried the Ultra-IDE-asm, didnt like it.. I had better set up my Ultra edit with just clever organization. It was a kool idea however, but i think UE is best without. As for the hammer buttons, no, I will admit its my only complaint. I tried hacking UE to see if i could find the resources for the hammers, but i didnt come up with anyting. I didnt really try toooo hard, however.:rolleyes: NaN
Posted on 2001-05-07 17:16:00 by NaN
Is there a way to replace the little hammers from the User Tools with some others?
Yes it is - With ResHacker save the bitmap No.: 2 in resource of uedit and change it to your liking and replace this BMP in uedit.exe with the same tool. It could look something like this: Posted on 2001-05-10 05:12:00 by forge