How can I access to an activeX control?
Posted on 2001-05-07 07:06:00 by freddy
An ActiveX control can mean many things... OCX96 re-defined that to mean any object that simply exports IUnknown is an ActiveX control. However, such a control by itself is even less useful then another Hello World program. The full range of controls covers visual controls (those with the .ocx extension) (which in reality are just renamed dll's) need special care and feeding. They expect to be handed a client site interface, which is a container for the control provided by the window that hosts it. Nope, I don't have any examples of this. Someone once started working on one in C, had some initial good results too. That was the last I heard of him. If my AsmCtrl doesn't make sense to you, you're not ready to start making a control a home. Do proceed to Inside OLE (online on MSDN) and do some reading. Search out the web too, there is some info out there on how to make a client site (in C/C++ mostly).
Posted on 2001-05-07 20:17:00 by Ernie
Thanks Ernie, that's a question I didn't know I had, and now I don't have it any more. :)
Posted on 2001-05-08 16:27:00 by bitRAKE