hi, hope someone could kindly help, this is the issue: i need to create myself a library file that contain the addresses of some undocumented functions that are in kernel32.dll (LoadLibrary16, GetProcAddress16 ..). I'm using borland 'implib' utility to create the lib file from a 'def' file with the addresses. This utility create succesfully the undock.lib but after compiling and linking my app., in execution i get a msgbox with an error like 'missing external refernce LoadLibrary16:kernel32.dll'. Where am i wrong ? ManyThanks Angelo
Posted on 2001-05-08 04:16:00 by angelo
sorry, i think i've explain in a bad way my trouble. My 'def' file show the dll functions locations 'by ordinal'. I was linking my app. without -o option (allow import by ordinal). This was the issue. Now it'ok ! THX
Posted on 2001-05-08 12:16:00 by angelo