I have made a program that "inject" some code to a PE file. This code will display a dialogbox asking the user for a password but i dont know how to make it. I need info about this, about define .RC values into .ASM file (and later in PE file) and so on ... Excuse my poor english .. Any ideas?!
Posted on 2001-05-08 17:22:00 by unknow
Hi it will sure help you to read the PE file tutorials and examples on Iczelion's site...also Ewayne has a pretty good PE file viewer available to dl...there are some editors also .. ;) besides what should be done is to add a section to the PE file then put your code there, then start your code first and second the original PE file code... But i suspect this of virus like actions... ;( please tell me i am wrong.....if not....
Posted on 2001-05-08 20:07:00 by BogdanOntanu
No, its a security program. I encrypt .CODE section and then add a new section to the file and injects "decryption" code. But for decryption the prog needs the USER key and for this i want to make a dialogbox that ask the user for the password. I dont know how to define .RC values correctly ... because the code is attached to a PE file ... got what i mean? Any ideas?
Posted on 2001-05-09 06:20:00 by Unknow
Unknown, would you mind sending me that Section adding code? =) Could be cool to check out how it's done =) //Phrekie
Posted on 2001-05-11 16:36:00 by Phrekie
basically you have two ways to do what you wanna do: 1. add a resource to the resource section/add a resource section and put your dialog there - should be a bitch to code, but i wouldn't know ;) never seen any code that does that, and i dunno if it's possible due to the structure of the resource section. better ask someone that messed with that a bit more than i did. 2. use a dynamically created dialog - this is the easier approach if you don't want to mess anymore with the PE (of course, easy is a relative word :D). just take a look at DialogBoxIndirectParam and the examples and you should be fine. neither of the approaches are fun, but hey, you're the one who chose to mess with it ;) This message was edited by fresh, on 5/12/2001 10:34:53 AM
Posted on 2001-05-12 10:33:00 by fresh