Opening a file. I want to open a file, whit out using the open file dialog (, and after opening it I want to draw the text in a Window (using the Edit class). how do I do? Can I use the
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Posted on 2001-05-09 02:56:00 by d00zer
The open file dialog doesn't open the file for you. (As a side note, the dialog is created with GetOpenFileName. The name itself tells you that it won't open the file for you.) Whether or not you use the dialog, you still need to invoke CreateFile. Check the docs if you have any, there are quite a few parameters to describe. You can ignore security stuff by setting the security paramter to NULL. To draw text in an edit control, use

    invoke SetWindowText,hwndEditControl,addr TextString
This will replace the entire contents of the edit control with the new string.
Posted on 2001-05-17 21:18:00 by tank